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A Master’s Craft – Why Attend a Two Year Acting Conservatory?

There are many questions regarding the difference between a two year acting conservatory in NYC or LA and a Masters Program. Of course, there are many approaches to learning acting as a profession in an acting program. You can go anywhere in the country and find a college offering a Masters program in the Dramatic Arts or Theater Arts. This choice offers a comprehensive study program that will offer a wide variety of disciplines and a well rounded education overall. This generally takes about three to four years to complete and an actor will undoubtedly emerge with good skills.

A second approach would be to attend a two year acting conservatory in NYC or Los Angeles that offers acting classes with the same depth and variety of skills, such as voice, movement, comedic acting, script analysis, scene study etc. The added bonus to this will be the depth of experience these teacher’s have with real life acting experiences. If they are committed to working, auditioning and living in New York or L.A. and they are teaching at an acting conservatory in NYC or LA, they are obviously committed to the craft. Those hired as teachers are in that position because they are working AND auditioning, picking up roles, working in off Broadway or Broadway or have gotten roles in film or television. This is the kind of experience that is invaluable for the aspiring actor to hear about and learn from.

There is an additional benefit to an acting conservatory in NYC or L.A. that has a two year program…and that is you can audition while you are in school, experiencing and learning from one of the most challenging aspects of the career. Auditioning is just like acting, in that there are techniques and specific skills that you can study, practice and grow into. There is a distinct advantage to being a student actor that is out in the real world learning the real skill of auditioning. Also, so many smaller productions are constantly happening in both film and theater. Opportunities to act for no pay are everywhere and it is a fantastic way to continue to learn the craft on a real life stage.

An acting conservatory in NYC or LA will also offer opportunities to find a mentor. There are typically fairly large staff, each teaching a specialty but, they are generally not running entire departments. If there is an area of acting you are struggling with, or if you find a teacher with whom you have a good rapport it’s easy to find a mentor or private coach that has the time to help you make faster progress.

Lastly, an acting conservatory looks very good on a resume. Having two years comparable to a Masters in Acting that was earned in these difficult cities shows an all out commitment to acting as a profession not just a sideline to another career or degree. To pursue acting takes a lot of guts, someone willing to take big risks and enrolling in a two year conservatory program is a great way to show on your resume that you are in it to win it.


The best two year acting conservatories for acting are the ones that have created a safe space for the emerging talents of a newer actor, while at the same time they are able to serve the needs to the professional actor that needs to grow further into the craft. New students should look for an acting program that on one hand, allows them to feel safe, as they will become very vulnerable at times. But, the environment must also be willing to push the actor into areas of discomfort, where they can make new discoveries and learn this very complex craft. The staff of any program should be able to serve as part psychologists, part coach, part parent, and of course as mentors. Teachers should be able to model and perform brilliant acting and know how to help the student to grow into their own form of brilliance. A two year acting conservatory in New York or L.A. is more likely to get you there.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio provides a two year acting program in NYC. The program instills in the actor a craft and a solid work ethic for a long acting career.

For more information about how to apply to the program,please visit this page:
Two Year Acting Program Application.