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Audition Techniques for Audition Tapes

Commercial Acting Audition Techniques - Commercial Acting Classes

Acting Audition Techniques – Commercial Acting Classes

Different lights sources are different “temperatures” which means they have a different color. Daylight, for instance, has more blue in it. If you set up lights near a window the camera must correct for that. By hitting the White Balance button you can adjust the camera to “balance” the color between those two light sources. Just place something white in the approximate place where you will be standing and hit White Balance. If you do not use this feature the color will be completely off, especially your skin tones. It will be evident if you forget to do this because the skin tones and colors will all be incorrect.

Sound Quality Matters for Audition Tapes

The sound is another very important feature. A good audition tape is only as good as the sound because your voice is your main instrument. A good way to get quickly dismissed is to have poor sound quality. Keep the mic as close to the talent as possible. While easy, the camera mounted microphones are usually not very high quality. Let’s face it, acting is a form of communication and you cannot communicate clearly if you can’t be heard. Again, quality acting classes in NYC and drama classes that include skills on how to be camera ready can help advise you on this.

Get the Lighting Right for a Better Audition Tape

Acting Audition Techniques and On Camera Training

Acting Audition Techniques and On Camera Training

Once the basics are set up, content becomes the focus. Preparation-camera for both live and on-camera auditions, but they are somewhat different. Preparation and audition techniques can be made easier if you’ve studied Meisner acting techniques with trained coaches. If nothing else, you need to be interesting, unique, and studying the Meisner acting technique can help. In Meisner acting NYC, a key thing to keep in mind is what is left “out.” Trying to cram every emotion into a few minutes of an audition will seem false. What’s underneath, unspoken, is as important as what’s said and shown, maybe more so. If you can get the casting agents, directors, producers to begin to infer things about your character that are being left out then you are doing your job as an actor.

Sometimes, the requests are very specific, however, a great actor will never be hindered or constrained by those ideas. More often, casting agents and producers ask for monologues, not scenes. Prepare something that plays to your strengths, of course, be it comedy, drama or character driven. However, keep in mind that the best actors have developed strong skills in all of these genres and use it all. A great comedian always as an underlying sense of tragedy for instance, just like the deepest dramatic performances have moments of light-otherwise it becomes hard to identify with. Friends and more importantly instructors of acting classes, or the school where you study, can give you important feedback. As actors, we tend to be insecure and it’s best to accept direction from the outside about what we need to do to improve our audition techniques to make our audition tapes stand out.

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