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Best Summer Acting Program in NYC Launches

The Maggie Flanigan Studio announces the launch of its Summer Acting Programs, specifically its rigorous Meisner Summer Intensive, which starts June, 12th.

This fast-paced training for the serious artist condenses the first two months of the Studio’s two-year actor’s conservatory into six weeks. The MFS Summer Acting Program starts June 12th and runs until July 28th. Those interested in interviewing with Charlie Sandlan. can call (917) 794-3878.

students listening in acting class during the Meisner Summer Intensive in New York

Meisner Summer Intensive New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

Rare is the summer acting program that offers full coursework, the kind of highly trained instruction and training that exceeds that of a university level Masters program.

Maggie Flanagan Studio is the most established actor institute, known for the best summer acting programs in NYC based on the Meisner technique. At its core of its Summer Acting Program are three foundational courses; Acting 1 (Meisner), Voice 1, and Movement 1. Also available are auxiliary classes designed to prepare artists for the demands of life as a professional actor. With a full class load, artists can be training this summer for 20 to 30 hours per week, plus additional hours of independent work, which is recommended.

2022 summer acting program begins in New York, NY

Actors who have trained at this New York City studio say that the studio provides the best summer acting programs for college students. A Meisner Intensive student Danielle Barrett says… “The best part about the summer intensive is the cracking open that it did. It destroyed all of the barriers that I had in my life, professionally and personally, and allowed me see where the work could go if I opened myself up and buckled down to do the work.”

Maggie Flanigan Studio is a full-time, two-year conservatory that has been built with Sanford Meisner’s original curriculum at its core. Historically, Meisner is one of the most sought after acting techniques to study. It has led to the rise of many legendary actors including Sam Rockwell, Mike Colter, Diane Keaton, Allison Janney, and Robert Duvall. Meisner considered acting a serious art form, one demanding the same dedication and discipline as dance, music or painting. He believed that only years of work and intense practice leads to the ability to “act truthfully under imaginary circumstances,” the ultimate goal of Meisner work.

The Summer Acting Program is an in-depth, condensed introduction to Meisner, often considered to be the one of the best summer intensive acting programs. Actors begin with deceptively simple exercises, and progress into deeply challenging practices that strip them of their reliance on words and language. Instead, they allow the emotional underpinnings of story and character to fuel the work. Toward the end of the six weeks, actors move on to scene study. The summer intensive is taught by Artistic Director, Master Teacher, and host of the podcast Creating Behavior Charlie Sandlan. He is known for striking a healthy balance between caring deeply about students and their progress, and demanding excellence. The studio is a safe space to explore the range of human emotion and experiences, while actors are coached into pushing themselves into doing their best work.

According to Sandlan, many acting students, especially those just out of university, don’t really understand what professional acting demands. “An artist who is serious about the craft never graduates,” says Sandlan, ”they never cross some kind of finish line in their training.” In fact, Sandlan says that some of the most exciting work he has witnessed comes just after an actor realizes how much more there is to learn, even after years of working as a professional.

The Meisner Summer Intensive includes Meisner Acting 1, Voice 1, and Movement 1, all integral to the technique. Auxiliary classes, important to the profession, are: The Art of Self-Taping, Playwriting, Combat for Stage & Film, and Film History. The accelerated pace of the summer acting program suits enrollees who are BA or BFA degree holders, or any artist willing to meet the challenges, will experience tremendous growth in their ability to craft with intention, authenticity and originality.

Current student Zachary Mirabelli says of the summer intensive experience…”I had no idea how to step into a character, there was nothing to work from.” He adds, “I learned how to use my imagination and build the belief I had lived through something the character experienced.”

About the Summer Acting Program at Maggie Flanigan Studio

Maggie Flanigan Studio is a highly personalized approach to actor training, not a factory. The first step is to schedule an interview with Charlie Sandlan, who will make sure that the actor’s goals align with the mission of the program. Call (917) 794-3878 to schedule an interview, or visit for more information about the studio and their summer acting programs.

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