This 7-week course is designed to delve into the transformative power of intentional breathwork. Tailored specifically for actors + artists.

The job of the actor can be very demanding. If you are interested in playing rich, complicated human beings, you will be challenged both physically and emotionally. The nervous system does not know the difference between fantasy and reality. When you are living through something deep and profound as an actor, the body often has had a searing experience. How do you come down from that? What are some tools that you can acquire so that your body and spirit can return to a normalized state. Finding ways to regulate your nervous system can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to sustaining demanding performances. Breathwork for Artists is a journey into a deeper understanding of your greatest asset as an artist, your inner life.

Breathwork for Artists is a one of a kind 7-week course designed to delve into the transformative power of intentional breathwork. Tailored specifically for actors + artists, this course explores how mastering the art of breathing can influence, transform, and transcend the emotional spectrum, enhance body intelligence, and fortify the sense of trust necessary for artistic pursuit.

Our journey begins with an inaugural session where we will engage in an opening practice with the 3-part active breathwork which is at the center of this course. This session is also dedicated to discussing and deciding the themes for the subsequent six weeks. The themes will be collaboratively chosen, ensuring they resonate with and best serve the unique needs of each specific student.

Each of the following six weeks will focus on the themes decided upon in the first week. The core of the course lies in its unique 3-part active meditation breathwork practice. This practice is designed to release stuck energy in the body such as stress, tension, and trauma. You will develop a process to clear blocks, facilitate cathartic emotional release, and open new pathways for creative expression.

This class will help you navigate a wider range of emotions in your art, develop a deeper understanding and connection with your body and help to build a stronger foundation of trust in your creative process and intuition.

You are your most valuable tool in your artistic journey. Join Katie in this transformative exploration and unlock new dimensions in your art and life.


Katie was the co-founder and Artistic Director of a NYC based theater company, Ruddy Productions, that specialized in new works and in championing immersive talent. As a practitioner, Katie has studied under Reiki Master Kari Buzewski, Breathwork facilitators David Elliott and Erin Telford and is currently studying in more somatic, embodiment work.