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B.A. Vassar College. Amanda was part of the first cohort to certify in Miller Voice Method, and was also certified as an Advanced Breathwork Practitioner by the International Breathwork Foundation. She has trained in diverse approaches to voice and speech, including Knight-Thompson Speechwork, Fitzmaurice and Linklater voice work, Patsy Rodenburg, and Edith Skinner. She is currently pursuing certification as a meditation instructor with Kripalu.


Amanda has taught speech and accents in New York City for over 20 years. Her clients include award-winning stage and film actors, models, comedians, pop and opera singers, media personalities, corporate executives, and children. Additionally, she’s served on faculty of Freeman Studio, HB Studio, LIU, and The New School. She’s the author of the only book on American Accent acquisition designed specifically for native English speakers, and she was featured as a dialect expert on Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen. She is the founder of The Talk Shop, LLC (


“How does the way we speak reflect and affect who we are?” That question guides my approach to speech and dialect work. I’m interested in how the actor uses accent work to support and stimulate the broader process of creating a character. Acting in an accent brings up special challenges for the performer. There can be tension, self-consciousness, and fear. But accents can also be profoundly liberating keys to character. My background is varied, and I draw from disciplines of breath, voice, and mind training to meet each actor right where they are and help them find more ease and joy in their speech work.



“I was placed in the intense reigns of Charlie Sandlan.  I became a better artist, actor, friend, sibling and daughter because of the studio. Even now, I crave the studio every day. What I learned is present in my work every day. I truly believe in everything they stand for.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Jes Macallan

Maggie taught me that I could control my work, my acting, and to throw all of the bullshit out that I had in my head about ‘what I should be doing’ and to just listen and respond honestly, in the moment. She gave me a craft. She is, quite simply put, THE BEST.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Leslie Bibb

Maggie Flanigan taught me the true meaning of artistry, passion, and professionalism. I am certain that I continue to work as an actress because of my training with Maggie. At every audition and every performance, her guiding voice is with me. It is a gift beyond measure.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Andrea Anders