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Theater History

Jeana Scotti, an MFA in Playwriting from Rutgers Mason Gross and BA in Theater and Performance holder, has taught theater at Purchase College and Rutgers University. Her plays have been showcased in multiple venues. As an educator, she centers students’ interpretations and emphasizes diverse voices in shaping the future of theater.


Jeana received her MFA in Playwriting from Rutgers Mason Gross and her BA in Theater and Performance from Purchase College.


Jeana has been teaching multiple theater courses at Purchase College for over three years. Prior to that, she taught playwriting at Rutgers University. Her work as a playwright has been performed with Clubbed Thumb, The Brick Aux, Rutgers University, Theater for a New City, Dixon Place, Access Theater, New Perspectives, Ensemble Studio Theater, and The Tank. She was a member of Clubbed Thumb’s Early Career Writers Groups 2021-2022.


My teaching places students’ thoughts and interpretations at the center. In my course, we will read plays, manifestos, and many ideas of ways in which others have tried to define or reinvent what theater is, but I believe it is how performers respond to these readings that is most valuable in forming their own ideas and impulses of what theater can be.


In my course, we will examine voices that aren’t always included in the conversation, but that should be. We examine how societal factors and a desire to change what has come before, have led to the emergence of many movements and forms of theater and look at how theater today does the same.


“I was placed in the intense reigns of Charlie Sandlan.  I became a better artist, actor, friend, sibling and daughter because of the studio. Even now, I crave the studio every day. What I learned is present in my work every day. I truly believe in everything they stand for.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Jes Macallan

Maggie taught me that I could control my work, my acting, and to throw all of the bullshit out that I had in my head about ‘what I should be doing’ and to just listen and respond honestly, in the moment. She gave me a craft. She is, quite simply put, THE BEST.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Leslie Bibb

Maggie Flanigan taught me the true meaning of artistry, passion, and professionalism. I am certain that I continue to work as an actress because of my training with Maggie. At every audition and every performance, her guiding voice is with me. It is a gift beyond measure.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Andrea Anders