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Film History

Shari Angel, a devoted film enthusiast and educator, holds a BA from Pace University and an MA from NYU. With more than a decade of experience in film and TV programming, she has curated for HBO, Lionsgate, and film festivals. Passionate about sharing her love for cinema, Shari teaches Film History at Maggie Flanigan Studio.


Shari received her BA from Pace University studying Communications, Media, and Gender Studies, and her MA from New York University focusing on Cinema Studies and American Pop Culture.


A seasoned film and TV programming and acquisitions professional, Shari has curated for HBO, Lionsgate, and boutique film festivals for the last dozen+ years. She’s also worked as an assistant production designer, a project coordinator for a post-production VFX company, and most recently, as a grant writer for non-profit art institutions. She enjoys organizing film screenings and leading discussions for her group Film Nerds Unite, curating her Ultimate Cinephile’s Screening List, and encouraging the importance of the communal film viewing experience. She lives in Queens with her husband and two dogs, and is thrilled to be teaching Film History I & II as a core faculty educator at Maggie Flanigan Studio.


My love affair with film started when I was a little kid. As an only child with liberal parents, we watched films as a family (of all genres, periods, origins, and MPAA ratings), and then discussed them. This laid the foundation of my love for analyzing, appreciating, and discussing great cinema with others; it also set the stage for me to later focus academically in these areas, and to work in a variety of jobs in the film industry. Movies exposed me to entirely new worlds – some exciting or forbidden, and others simply different from my own, enabling me to look at the world through dynamic new lenses. I have always felt that cinema is the ultimate empathy machine. My attitude is that if you want to truly understand the human experience, you’ve got to watch a lot of movies. Being well-rounded in cinema history is incredibly important for actors. Sharing this passion for cinema with my students while contextualizing and discussing great movies is the most rewarding job, and I feel privileged to do it at MFS.