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Jess Macallan: What Acting Really Is

Acting Studio Reviews - Acting Studio NYC - Jess MacallanI started studying at Maggie Flanigan’s studio initially because I was yearning for a further exploration of what “acting” is. I wanted to have a deeper look at my craft so I could truly understand if this was what I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.

I was a dancer when I was younger and I found acting after an Injury. Post-injury I took acting classes everywhere from Miami, to Los Angeles, to Milan… But I soon realized I had only scratched the surface of what it meant to truly study acting. Maggie’s studio offers (and requires) so much more of you than just scene study or on-camera technique each week.

I was placed in the intense (to say the least) reigns of Charlie Sandlan, the executive director and senior acting teacher at the school…
I was accustomed to a very regimented training program as a dancer, so my commitment and dedication was there from day one.

Ultimately, during first year, what I found was a tremendous discovery of “sense of self”. I realized through my work that it can be a scary thing to dig that deep and be honest and present in every moment. Charlie basically makes you find every dark corner inside your body, mind, and soul and stare it dead in the face.

He brought me to “life” every week… Some of it felt great… and some of it felt like shit… Most of it felt like shit actually… But there was nowhere to hide. The blessing comes when you see the light at the end of the tunnel and when you come out the other side… if you are truly committed… you feel completely reborn in the best possible way. I became a better artist, friend, sibling, daughter, and person, because of it.

I only wish I could spend all of my spare moments between those walls of that building, working with those people… Students and staff. It is truly an imperative base to launch from if you are ever going to attempt to tackle the madness that is “acting”. I crave the studio every day and the things I learned there are present in my work in every moment. I will return to that studio the moment my feet land me back in NYC.

My utmost respect and praise is never ending for Charlie Sandlan and The Maggie Flanigan Acting Studio. I truly believe in everything they stand for.  — Jess Macallan

Charlie Sandlan is a well known and respected acting coach in NYC. For more info about the best acting studio in NYC, call (917) 794-3878.

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