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The 2016 Meisner Summer Intensive Training Program At The Maggie Flanigan Studio In New York City: Mastery Begins With Craft

April 8, 2016 New York, NY: The Maggie Flanigan Studio has announced the opening of enrollment for the 2016 Meisner Summer Intensive for qualified students in New York City. The Maggie Flanigan Studio has trained some of the most highly respected and hard-working actors in theater and film.

Meisner Summer Intensive Actors On Risers

The Maggie Flanigan Studio (MFS), with a reputation as one of the most respected Meisner conservatories in the United States, has a limited number of spots remaining for the 2016 Meisner Summer Intensive. Only 60 students are selected for the summer acting program, which begins June 10th, and is based on a personal interview with the Executive Director and Head Of Acting, Charlie Sandlan.

The philosophy of MFS is rooted in the belief that a long, respected career in acting requires a dedication to craft and a mastery of the fundamentals. This is dependent upon a commitment to artistry, work ethic, and process, which will sustain you well into your sixties and seventies. The Meisner Summer Intensive is the first third of Meisner’s first year technique, and is taught by Charlie Sandlan.

Developed by Sanford Meisner as a response to his serious issues with Lee Strasberg’s Method, his technique is now considered by many to be the best way to train actors, and has produced some of the most respected artists in the industry. The Maggie Flanigan Studio is dedicated to preserving and accurately teaching the entirety of Meisner’s work. Both the 2-year Professional Actor Training Program and Summer Intensive are intended for serious actors only. Those who understand that talent alone is not sufficient. Even in the summer program, expectations are high, and students are challenged to go the distance with themselves. Actors are encouraged to play full out, and to delve deep into a better understanding of the human experience. The Maggie Flanigan Studio believes that actors are acrobats of the human heart.

MFS Executive Director Charlie Sandlan has spent over a decade with studio founder Maggie Flanigan refining the art of teaching the technique for the next generation of serious actors. Slots in the Meisner Summer Intensive are coveted, but the studio is seeking a particular kind of student, and there is still time to apply. Sandlan says, “The Meisner summer session is great for BA and BFA students looking to supplement their year round class work. If you are truly committed to a professional career, our program will show you what a commitment to craft actually means.” He states that talent needs form, and that only until an artist possesses a solid craft and process will their talent and creativity truly flourish.

The MFS Meisner Summer Intensive is a program that can provide a serious actor with a much better understanding of acting as an art form, and will often lead to a substantial commitment to training. “Once I took the summer intensive and then the 2-year program, my eyes were opened to the art of acting. I’m more confident as an actor, and I have the ability to walk into a room and set the tone; and I book work. The Maggie Flanigan Studio truly prepares you for the world of auditioning, cold reading, scene work, and using your imagination as an actor.” MFS Alum Marlynn Haywood.

Casting directors, agents, directors, and producers value actors that arrive ready to deliver work that will lift the quality of the entire production and energize everyone involved. As hundreds of actors flock to New York this summer fresh out of their college programs, those who seek to continue their training with the Maggie Flanigan Studio will have a tremendous edge over the untrained.

For more information about the Meisner Summer Intensive call the studio, (917) 794-3878.

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