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Meisner Training Waterside Plaza NY for Serious Actors

Meisner Training Waterside Plaza NY - Meisner Training Waterside Plaza NYMeisner Training Waterside Plaza NY: When many actors hear the words Meisner training, most refer back to the hodge-podge of repetition exercises from their college theater classes. Meisner and repetition are indelibly linked, but unfortunately most teachers and actors have no clue about how the truly sophisticated technique that Sandy Meisner created should be taught.

The Truth About Meisner Training

The Meisner Technique, when taught as Sandy intended over two years, is the best way to not only ground actors with the fundamentals of the craft, but also instill the ability to break down a script, producing an actor who can create organic, vivid, human behavior consistently. When I see studio’s offering “Meisner Classes”, it’s often no more than two students standing across from each other for months on end, repeating mindlessly. I can’t tell you how many times I interview students who say they’ve had Meisner training. They haven’t.

The First Year of Meisner Training Waterside Plaza NY

Meisner’s first year teaches the student actor how to listen, how to respond personally from unanticipated moment to unanticipated moment, how to get out of your head and onto your spontaneous impulses, how to craft a previous circumstance, an acting relationship, a shared circumstance, how to emotionally prepare offstage, and how to be comfortable expressing the gamut of human experience: your rage, heartbreak, joy, silliness, humiliation, and embarrassment. And most importantly, since text is in fact the actor’s playground, first year Meisner training teaches you how to improvise with a script, how to avoid line readings, adjusting to the text, and the many other bad habits that prevent an actor from being authentic and original.

meisner training Waterside Plaza NY for serious actors

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Meisner Training Waterside Plaza NY and Character Development

Once the actor has developed a truthful instrument, grounded with an inviolate sense of truth and solid fundamental skill, the second year of the Meisner Technique focuses on character. How should a professional actor read a script for the first time? How do you prepare for rehearsal? How do you rehearse? How do you break down a script in order to catch the character and the unfolding of moments the way the playwright or screenwriter intended? This is not easy, and Meisner created a number of exercises for second year, including work with nursery rhymes and Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology, to help actors create impulses, justify text, and do actions. Reducing this incredible approach to training as mere Meisner classes is an insult to what he created and gave to the art form.

Learn More About Professional Meisner Training Waterside Plaza NY

If you are indeed serious about the craft of acting, and curious about the artistry required to be truly transformational, then I believe deeply that proper Meisner training is an incredible way to begin the journey.

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