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Piper Perabo: Leaving The Film Industry And Joining The Two Year Acting Program

Two Year Acting Program - Piper PeraboThe Maggie Flanigan Studio Talkback Series: Piper Perabo On Leaving The Film Industry And Joining The Two Year Acting Program In New York City.

Piper Perabo trained at The Maggie Flanigan Studio in the two-year acting program from 2007 to 2009.

July 6, 2016, New York, NY: The Maggie Flanigan Studio is pleased to announce the next guest in their on-going Talkback Series. Actress, Piper Perabo of Covert Affairs, will talk about leaving the film industry to start the two-year acting program in New York City.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio (MFS), perhaps the finest Meisner training program in the country, has an impressive list of alumni who happen to be some of the most highly respected and hard-working actors in theater and film today. One of the Studio’s more famous graduates is Piper Perabo, star of USA’s ‘Covert Affairs’ and the upcoming ABC drama, ‘Notorious’. Piper’s not shy about admitting that after her first ten years in the film industry, there was so much she still didn’t know about acting. Having realized what most are too afraid to face, Piper did what any serious actor would do; she sought out training at the most popular two-year conservatory program in the nation.

The Studio recognizes that a long-lasting and meaningful career in acting demands that the student devotes themselves to the mastery of their craft. This is contingent upon one’s commitment to artistry, work ethic, method, and a secure development of the necessary fundamentals. Year one of the two-year acting program will clarify how Meisner’s technique works rather than why it works, and all students will study under MFS Head of Acting, Charlie Sandlan.

Charlie and Maggie firmly believe in creating an opportunity for aspiring actors, and together they began the Maggie Flanigan Studio Talkback Series, free to all current and former students, faculty, staff, and friends and family of the Studio. Previous speakers include MFS alumna Kadee Strickland, Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress Cherry Jones, and Maggie’s former students, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis, and actor Sam Rockwell. What all of these artists have in common, is that they believed in training themselves as actors and they support the well-earned reputation of The Maggie Flanigan Studio Two-Year Actor Training Program.

Piper Perabo will join this list of renowned actors in an intimate talkback for the Maggie Flanigan Studio community at 9:30 am on Monday, July 11, 2016.

This will be the first time the Studio broadcasts The Maggie Flanigan Studio Talkback Series live on Facebook for any and all to see, and it’s free. Piper will answer questions about her time with Maggie and Charlie in the two-year acting program, how the Meisner technique works for her, why she decided to take time off from the business to train, and how her career changed after she finished her training. Perabo is known for playing Annie Walker in USA’s ‘Covert Affairs’ from 2010 to 2014, and for originating the role of Carly in Neil LaBute’s Broadway production of ‘Reason’s To Be Pretty’ in 2009, which she did while completing her final year at the Studio.

Maggie Flanigan Studio Executive Director and Head of Acting, Charlie Sandlan, has spent over ten years with studio founder Maggie Flanigan perfecting the art of teaching the Meisner Technique for the next generation of recognizable actors. Sandlan says of Perabo, “Piper is a great example that no matter where you are in your career if you are a serious artist, you’ll commit to training.”

Piper says of her decision to join the Maggie Flanigan Studio Two Year Acting Program, “I had just finished Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and kids liked that movie, but I felt I could do better. I just wasn’t satisfied. The same teacher (noted acting instructor Maggie Flanigan) kept coming up. I talked to her about what I was trying to improve and ended up stopping for two years to study with her. It was worth it. It completely changed how I work. It changed everything.” – Piper Perabo, USA TODAY, 2011

The Maggie Flanigan Studio Two-Year Acting Conservatory is concentrated on teaching the entirety of Sanford Meisner’s technique, which is believed by many to be the most specific way to train actors, and has produced some of the most authentic actors in the industry. The Two-Year Professional Actor Training Program is considered a home for serious artists. Those who believe they have talent, owe it to themselves to get trained.

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