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Finding A Trusting Environment – Two Year Acting Program

Acting conservatories go beyond the piece-by-piece approach, believing that a full two year acting program in NYC is the only way to begin to master a fine art. Two year acting programs in NYC should offer in-depth training, help the actor build a sequential set of skills and help them to take advantage of the deep pool of acting talent in NYC’s vibrant acting community.

For newer students, a two year acting program is the best way to fast track into developing truly professional skills. For those looking to move farther along in the creative process, a two year acting conservatory can help the student work through and pinpoint specific areas where they need to grow. Learning the craft of acting puts one in a vulnerable place and the environment must be one of trust, with real creativity the common goal. Growing as a person is an added benefit to the two year acting program.

Two year programs are the ideal way to create that safe space, a home away from home. Actors that experience two year acting programs grow by leaps and bounds over those that take one or two short term classes at a time. The long term approach means that the actor works with a team of professionals that they come to know and respect, rather than an instructor that is rushing through a curriculum in a short span of time.

Research class size also, as the crowded classrooms in many “cattle call” type schools are a waste of valuable time and money. There is no way for the actor to receive the kind of individual attention they need in this kind of environment. Two year conservatory programs in NYC will give the student time to work at a more thoughtful pace, and produce a professional that can make more thoughtful acting choices.

For those interested in learning the Meisner technique, committing to a conservatory program is essential. The Meisner technique involves a building block approach, with the skill set getting more and more sophisticated, especially as it relates to theater work. Meisner acting is complex, and there are many aspects to explore from the emotional and psychological aspects of character development to movement, and the physical side of acting. A two year acting program covers this and more, with lots of opportunity to overlap these skills, something a short term program cannot do.

One more added benefit to the two year conservatory approach is the commitment is shows to acting as a profession. There are many students out there in the acting world who treat acting as a hobby which is fine, however, if you are an acting student looking to make acting a professional career choice, a two year acting program is the best way to prove to yourself and to others the depth of your commitment to acting as a career.

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