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Commercial Acting Intensive

This acting class is designed to have the actor not only learn camera technique for commercial camera work but to narrow down their marketing and “product type” to ensure the best advantage in booking paying professional work.

The course is designed to give a beginning or advanced actor the knowledge on how to market and prepare for the commercial industry. The student will have an understanding of camera techniques as well as audition techniques that are unique to the commercial environment.

Audition Techniques – Improving Commercial Auditions

The first commercial acting classes will be about the “product “ of the actor and the key points in the advertising industry. Basic concepts of scooping, improv and product placement will be explored on camera.

The second week of the commercial acting class is the audition. The student will have to enter into the audition environment and audition for specific products on camera.

The third week is interaction with the product and fellow actors in the audition environment and the callback. The student will gain knowledge on how to handle the ad agency, casting director as well as the director.

The fourth week is dealing with the improv situation and industrial auditions. All classes will be on camera and all actors must be camera ready for all 4 classes.

Commercial Acting Intensive - Film and TV AuditionsStudent Learning Objective:

By the end of this acting class, each actor should have a basic understanding
and working knowledge of the following.

• The actor as a product and stereotype.
• Knowing frame and keeping the frame for actor and the product.
• Apply 90% rule, storyboard logic, ad and product highlights, operative words
• Triangular technique
• Scooping
• Finding the essence of the ad
• Basic improv
• Slate for camera (profiles, hands, name)
• Understanding of: Man on the Street, Hero, infomercial, comic idea etc.

Instructor: Alberto Bonilla
Prerequisite or Co-Requisites: None
Length: 4 Weeks, 1 a week, 3 hours per session.
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Instructor office hours are 15 minutes prior to, and fifteen minutes directly after each scheduled class.

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