Student Testimonials

There are many places that offer NYC acting classes. It can feel overwhelming trying to make a decision on the right acting program for you.  A decision like this involves your money and time, and we believe it’s important that you have as much information available to you in order to make a choice that is right for you. We encourage you to visit every studio you are interested in, see the space, and get a feel for the energy and aesthetic. 

The Meisner Technique is a very precise, and methodical progression that very few can teach accurately. Our advice is to make sure you are studying with an expert in the technique with a decade or more of experience. A qualified Meisner teacher should have spent years mentoring under a master teacher, and not some frustrated actor pulling out notes from classes they took years ago.

Ask questions, talk to current students, and discuss options with those you trust. You should come away from the interview process feeling that you are not just a number, but someone who is valued, and seen as a positive addition to the studio’s artistic community.

 Below are video testimonials from our students. We hope it can provide you with more insight as you continue your decision-making process.