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Improving Your Audition Can Start With The Slate

Audition Techniques

Auditioning is a critical skill you can develop, much like scene study or emotional prep, and it’s an acting skill you can learn in acting classes  in NYC. Learning to audition well is an important aspect of the craft as it is key to getting cast, and getting that all important experience in front of the camera or onstage. If you are considering acting classes in NYC, look for an institution that helps its students build auditioning skills. Being prepared, with a deep set of auditioning skills is necessary if you expect to exploit every opportunity to audition that comes your way. Acting classes in NYC that specialize in Meisner acting, offer one of the most respected acting disciplines in the business. Meisner acting techniques are suitable for improving your auditioning ability also.

There are one or two ways that are common reasons actors “fail” to turn in arresting auditions. The first is to be overconfident. However, being insecure or overly nervous will not count in your favor either unless it suits the character. Being overly nervous or overconfident is not what will count against you in an audition. The real problem is when you are nervous, and you attempt to hide it, an attempt which in turn makes you wonder if you are showing it, and before long you are completely shut down emotionally.

An overconfident actor may come across as being too rehearsed, without enough room for spontaneity to emerge during the audition. At the same time, being overconfident may not seem like a problem‚Ķuntil you start thinking that you know what they are looking for and you’ve got it all down and you are going to NAIL it and now you’re “in your head” and once again, closed off to what might happen in the moment. Many layers of human traits must be there, along with the one or two that are at the core of the characters being in the story.

Audition Techniques

Many preparing for auditions consider the slate unimportant. Remember this will be the first impression you make. It seems like a throwaway moment, just a way for the people conducting the audition to keep track. The harsh reality is this. Many times, directors and producers never even get past the slate. Seeing hundreds of actors audition for a role is a daunting task. Anything to speed things up, like a poor or boring slate, is a good excuse to just move on. So, a quick dismissal of someone who doesn’t slate well gets them closer to their goal.

This may seem tough, but no one said auditioning was easy. Whether it seems fair or not, the fact remains you had better learn how to slate well. Some acting classes teach tips for auditioning some don’t. Acting classes in NYC are a great resource for learning about slates. Some institutions that offer acting classes in NYC will even ask for a slated audition tape for entry into their program. Like any other skill, practicing slates makes perfect. Set up a camera, a good mic and then give it a try. Some things to think about if you do practice slates. True communication is connecting with someone even if through a device, like a camera. Record and play back several versions of the slate and see how it plays. Feedback from people you trust is also important, the slate should communicate who you are.

acting audition techniques

acting audition techniques

Keeping it simple is the best route, let you personality be upfront, and be quick. Since the slate is the first impression of you-keep it short. When auditioning for commercials a hint of character might be okay. It could fall short and send the auditors to hit eject before you get a chance to show your work.  Mainly, the aim is to give a slate that represents you as a person and as an actor. Then give them something they want to see more of: a brilliant and original character. if you want to know more, look into Meisner acting NYC, for tips on how to create character, emotional preparation and scene study for auditioning.

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