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Cold Reading Class

Cold reading is an essential component of any actor’s training. This class covers essential skills that can be developed and deepened for use in any audition situation whether it’s for film, television, commercial work or theater. The key component for auditioning when it involves cold reading is the ability to take apart new material quickly and work on-the-spot to add depth to the character and the scene which is brand new to the actor.

There are several secrets to auditioning well and in this ten-week course, we will cover them all, from doing quick in-depth character development to how to conduct yourself in the auditioning room.

“Acting is doing” was a phrase that Sanford Meisner was known to use often and it is never truer than in an audition situation. Actors must make decisions quickly about how to do a cold reading and commit to those decisions. Meisner actors can also make use of emotional preparation skills when cold reading if they learn how to use this aspect of the Meisner technique properly.

Cold Reading Classes Teach Actors Important Skills

The cold reading class at Maggie Flanigan studio is one of many drama classes NYC in an intimate setting in which to learn these all important skills. Classes are limited to only four students for 2.5 hours each week. Over the course of ten weeks, quality time with individual attention from a teacher personally trained by by Maggie Flanigan makes this class a must for the best acting lessons to help an actor looking to tune up, prepare for specific types of auditions or for actors looking to learn all aspects of the practice to increase their chances of giving stand out auditions.

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