Fighting on Stage and on Camera

This 10 session class will provide actors with the tools to feel confident performing action on stage, film, television or motion capture productions. Students will learn hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, rolls, falls, throws, and more.

Stage and Film Combat

Physical interaction between actors is something that every actor will eventually encounter: from something as simple as the grabbing of an arm, to a slap, to a fully engaged fight with weapons. These interactions are always worked out and staged by a fight choreographer, the actors involved, and the director. The safety of those involved must always be the number one priority. Our NYC acting studio has developed Stage & Film Combat to prepare our students to engage in a responsible and believable way when it comes to physical fighting. It begins with an introduction to the art of action acting & theatrical combat for screen and stage.

Over 10 sessions, students will learn basic safety mechanics and industry standard techniques for hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, rolls, falls, throws, and more. The class culminates with students performing fight choreography on camera. Special emphasis is placed on exploring how to portray violence that is both safe and exciting to watch. Students perform fight choreography on camera throughout the intensive and will film their own original fight scenes during the final class.

Bringing Combat to Life

Throughout history, theatrical combat has been an important form of storytelling and entertainment. From performances of drunken street brawls to epic war battles to comedic Three Stooges shenanigans, it is the role of the actor to bring combat to life. To do this, actors must be able to physicalize action and violence in a way that remains collaborative, repeatable, and safe. Students are introduced to both safe techniques and the acting skills necessary to create character-driven combat scenes that build a sense of danger, excitement, and suspense. Developed by some of the leading fight choreographers in Hollywood and on Broadway, this 2-year acting conservatory class utilizes The Academy of Theatrical Combat Curriculum and includes training in hand-to-hand combat, rolls & falls, and swordplay.

Students perform for the camera in every class and are given all performance footage to document their own progress. Our goal is to provide actors with the tools to feel confident performing action on stage, film, television or motion capture productions.

Selling the Illusion of Violence

Beyond learning how to make fights look real on camera and on stage, Theatrical Combat training is also a great tool for actors to learn to better connect to their whole instrument and scene partners. Through the performance of combat, the actor’s body, voice, and mind are forced to work together in new ways to broaden the performer’s adaptability and range. Learning to safely work with a partner is also essential to selling the illusion of violence in performance. Communication, active listening, and preserving each other’s trust in a safe environment are all key components of this program and performing combat.


Jayme Woj is an actor, filmmaker, and fight coordinator. He holds a MFA in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and a BFA in Theater & Film from Columbia College Chicago. Jayme serves as a master instructor at Theatrical Combat NYC and is the Co-Founder of TandemVision, a production company that empowers actors to self-produce their own independent films and series.


“The acting program here is quite literally life changing. I loved their stage combat class. Jayme is amazing, he really takes his time to show you how to do every move. As a complete beginner, I found that I was able to learn so quickly. Now I feel confident to tackle any combat on stage or film, and have a reel to show for it too. I highly recommend!”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Tatianna Danger

“Maggie Flanigan Studio offers a wide range of diverse classes, and Combat For Stage and Film is certainly a class that you do not want to miss out on. Jayme Woj is an incredibly talented and well studied instructor. Safety is a priority from the first class all the way through the end of the course.”

Marco Bettencourt Urbina

Isabel Freiberger