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Senior Acting Teacher, Private Coach.

Erin Cherry is an accomplished actress with a BA in Theater from the University of Nevada, and an MFA in acting from Rutgers University. She has trained under renowned acting teachers and has received an Emmy Award for her role as Brenda on After Forever. As a teacher and private acting coach, Cherry aims to nurture simplicity in her students’ approach to acting by guiding them to step into their characters and illuminate their humanity.


Cherry’s relationship with Maggie Flanigan began when she received her MFA in acting from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School Of The Arts where Maggie and Bill Esper trained her in the Meisner Technique. The Rest is history.


Cherry is an Emmy Award wining actress (Best Supporting) for the role of Brenda on the Emmy Award winning hit show After Forever (Amazon Prime). She has appeared in regional and international theater and is a producer and writer in her own right. Cherry is one of the few Black women who has trained under the guidance of a Master Acting teacher in the Meisner Technique and continues to work with Charlie Sandlan cultivating Maggie Flanigan Studio into the most respected acting studio in New York City.


As a Teacher and Private Acting Coach, I set a high bar by nurturing actors to be simple in their approach. Simplicity in acting is hard. To Achieve this, I guide my students on how to step into the shoes of a character and illuminate their humanity. Acting is about creating behavior so my goal is to help them get out of their head and into their bodies and hearts. To achieve this I set up a safe artistic home where the artist can be vulnerable and play full out with themselves because having the courage to live in their truth as their authentic self will allow them to lead with their humanity. The discipline that Maggie instilled in me I now pass on to the students who come through our doors and it is a honor and a privilege to carry on her legacy.