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Film and TV Class 1 – On Camera Acting

The course is designed to give a beginning actor the basic tools to master single camera technique. The student will start from the basic technical demands of the medium. The student will learn all the crew parts and gain a deeper understanding of what all the roles do and why. Through out the class the student will begin to have a deeper understanding for film and the end of the class will have a solid grasp of close-up technique.

The Student will be able to

By the end of this class each actor should have a basic understanding and working knowledge of the following.

Finding marks
Knowing frame and keeping frame
Apply 90% rule.
Finding camera
Ability to focus onto and of to Camera while acting
Ability to follow continuity
Repeat continuity in Master, Medium and Close up
Ability to identify & execute transitions in a film scene
Ability to “lead the camera”
Ability to “follow camera”
All basic terminology for a Film.
Ability to adjust to single
Basic Close up breathing technique.
Basic extending neck for close-up stillness.
Basic eye resting /non-blinking technique.