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Acting Studio Gramercy Park NY

Our acting studio provides acting programs and acting classes for professional actors from the following areas of New York:

students in the acting studio Gramercy Park NY at Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

Acting Studio Gramercy Park NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call  (917) 794-3878

Anyone seeking to grow as an artist will find a home at Maggie Flanigan Studio. We are known as the most respected acting studio for serious actors, those dedicated to developing solid technique and mastering the craft. As a professional actor training program, MFS is the purest form of training in the Meisner technique, with a two-year program with the progressive and sequential training created by Sanford Meisner. Meisner acting means building a strong foundation for delivering beautiful, complex performances consistently. Graduates of the Maggie Flanigan Studio arrive at any production, audition, or performance knowing how to bring a new, truthful reality to their work.

Maggie Flanigan Studio was founded in 2001 to preserve and teach the Meisner Technique to the next generation of serious actors. Maggie Flanigan is recognized as the clearest and most definitive acting coach in Meisner, working today. She launched the studio to fill the gap in training that exists for American actors, especially. This rigorous, conservatory-based training is small, intimate, and nurturing. Still, MFS acting classes challenge students with high expectations for professionalism and personal growth. This is rigorous actor training. Every member of the MFS team is a trained Meisner acting teacher who can help you become the exceptional artist you aspire to be. Actors who choose Maggie Flanigan Studio become part of a community of actors who nurture and encourage each other but hold each other to a high standard of excellence and professionalism.

MFS is a conservatory experience, one that requires talent, but also the hard work needed to cultivate it. This is more than an acting school; it’s a commitment to pushing the boundaries, and moving toward mastery of the craft.

Acting Programs Gramercy Park NY

Students in the Acting Programs Gramercy Park NY - Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

Acting Programs Gramercy Park NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

Maggie Flanigan Studio is known for respected acting programs designed for the professional actor. This is a two-year acting program dedicated to providing training in the Meisner Technique, in its purest form. Acting workshops cover all aspects of developing the actor’s instrument, plus additional training that ensures students are prepared for long-term acting careers.

The core acting program is our Professional Actor Training Program (PATP), a full curriculum and rigorous two-year conservatory. This includes training in every aspect of the Meisner acting technique and classes that prepare actors for a life spent pursuing work in theater, or tv and film.

An 18-month acting program condenses this full two-year program down into three semesters for those looking to move through the training more quickly.

The nine-week Fall Intensive and Meisner Summer Intensive are introductions to the Meisner technique and the studio. The first semester of Meisner is covered, giving actors a sense of whether they would like to continue in the two-year program.

The MFS Meisner Acting Only program is two full semesters of Meisner, Acting 1, and Acting 2. This program runs six hours each week, but actors can enroll in additional classes if they wish.

The Meisner Summer Acting Intensive is a six-week summer acting program that begins in early June. Our Summer acting programs are designed for students working toward their BA or BFA, or professional actors looking to sharpen their skills. Actors immerse themselves into a condensed version of the first semester of Meisner (Acting 1) along with Voice 1, Movement 1, and a choice of one auxiliary class such as; On Camera, Commercial Acting 1, Mask & Character, Playwriting, Nutrition, or Self-Care for Actors. Class time averages about 15-26 hours a week.

Acting Classes Gramercy Park NY

students in acting classes Gramercy Park NY - Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

Acting Classes Gramercy Park NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio (917) 794-3878

The Meisner Technique taught in the acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is based upon the original work of Sanford Meisner. MFS instructors are fully trained in Meisner and passionate about passing on his legacy to the next generation of serious actors. Our acting programs work holistically, supporting actors as they build a strong foundation of craft, artistry, and professionalism. These programs for professional actors include classes for actors in many different disciplines. Each acting class builds upon the others and helps the actor develop a solid technique, and grow life habits that pave the way for a long-lasting acting career.

Nutrition and Reiki For Actors, helps actors achieve and maintain physical and mental health, and survive the rigors of being on stage or on set for long hours every day. Film history, Film/TV, theater history, and Playwriting are contextual acting classes that give students an overview of these art forms and the structure of good storytelling. Critical aspects of the actor’s instrument are developed in lessons for actors in Voice, Movement, and Mask & Character.

In terms of creating a role with depth and truthfulness, Script Analysis is for exploring how to break down a script, looking at beats, moments, and choices. And, because auditioning and getting work is the lifeblood of the professional actor, we offer Cold Reading, Monologue, On Camera acting training, and Commercial Acting. We also provide Business Prep & Business classes explicitly developed for actors.

A career as a working actor isn’t only about luck. It’s about passion and putting in the hard work necessary to master the craft and manage the life, and the business of being an actor. More than a drama school, Maggie Flanigan Studio has created a culture and community that fosters success.

Why Choose Maggie Flanigan Studio?

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Why Choose Maggie Flanigan Studio – Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

There are three good reasons to study at Maggie Flanigan Studio. The first reason is the ability to create fully realized, truthful behavior in the moment, the core of Sanford Meisner’s work. Acting is not about “pretending,” what some refer to “indicating.” Instead, Meisner trained actors can create a new truthful reality in the moment, and every moment. False behavior and self-awareness are barriers to achieving mastery of the craft. Meisner trained actors bring organic, real behavior to every performance.

The second reason to study at Maggie Flanigan Studio is vulnerability. The mantra of the Meisner trained actor is “Do truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Achieving this requires complete vulnerability. Truthful behavior means breaking down old patterns and protective defenses that have been formed throughout life. The work also entails adding new, sometimes unfamiliar, or uncomfortable responses. This work is profound and can be life-changing. It should take place in a safe, nurturing space with people you trust, a culture we’ve developed at the MFS studio.

The third reason to study at MFS is spontaneity. Trained actors don’t present practiced, preconceived behavior. Meisner actors use the sequential exercises to build a deep well of fully realized, organic responses instead. The deeper the well, the more complex, layered, and spontaneous the actor can be. Nothing is filtered by self-awareness or self-consciousness, it’s raw, real, and in the moment. This is the essence of Meisner, the ability to “act before you think.” It keeps the work exciting and original.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is a two-year Meisner conservatory in New York City that offers professionalism, individualized instruction, and the opportunity to pursue mastery of the craft of acting. For more information, call (917) 789 1599.

Acting Studio in Gramercy Park NY

Acting Studio Gramercy Park NY

Our acting studio trains professional actors from Gramercy Park NY as well as these New York, NY areas:

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