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Meisner Acting Only Program

Meisner Acting Training Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio - Call (917) 794-3878

Meisner Acting Training Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio – (917) 794-3878

After filling out an application, interviewing with Charlie, and then being accepted into the Maggie Flanigan Studio, Meisner Acting Only is the minimum requirement to enroll.

The Foundation for Craft and Artistry

Acting 1 and Acting 2 comprise this option. You will receive the full two-year progression of the Meisner Technique. Rather than cobbling together a hodge-podge of NYC acting classes, our Acting Only program lays the foundation and technique necessary to approach acting with craft and artistry. Curious, prospective students who apply to our studio are searching for something. They know that this dream, which has lived inside them since childhood, needs to be developed. Many have recently moved to NYC after receiving their BA or BFA, and some have forgone college to chase their dream in the greatest city in the world. We also have many students who have pursued other professional careers both internationally and in the states, for many years, and have finally decided that life is too short not to give their long-held dream a chance to become reality. Many have spent a few years toiling around in various workshops, scene studies, film classes, or improv groups only to discover that the consistency of real craft and technique eludes them. Acting Only students can expect to be in class 6 hours a week, and have the ability to add any studio class to their schedule when time and finances permit. Meisner Acting Only students can receive a $300 discount toward their overall balance when paying in full upon enrollment. As with our other programs, costs are divided over 24 monthly payments.

Meisner Acting Only: Year 1

Year 1 of Meisner Acting Only requires the commitment of Acting 1. We understand that at the onset, many students may be unsure of why our full conservatory program is so essential to the pursuit of a serious artistic career. For some, just taking the first step of committing to an acting class is a gigantic step forward and required a solid leap of faith. The Acting Only option gives students the opportunity to begin training, and then add any auxiliary class when schedule, finances, and interest align. In the first year of training at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, additional classes include Voice 1, Voice 2, Movement 1, Movement 2, Theater History, Film History, Nutrition, and Commercial 1.

Meisner Acting Training Program - Maggie Flanigan Studio 03

Meisner Acting Training Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio 03

Meisner Acting Only: Year 2

Year 2 of Meisner Acting Only requires the commitment of Acting 2 with Charlie Sandlan. The second year of Meisner training focuses on character. You learn the necessary tools to interpret a script, make choices, and create the behavior that illuminates what the playwright/screenwriter envisioned. It is incredibly challenging work, and ultimately, this stage of the Meisner Technique with Charlie is put together most successfully when enrolled in our full conservatory program. If you look at the top MFA training programs in the United States, not one requires acting only. We understand however that all serious artists have their own path, and must cultivate as individuals their own artistic development. That is why Acting Only leaves our students the freedom to curate their training at their own pace. Most of our Acting Only students see fairly early in their training how our PATP deepens the work in acting class. They see their classmates in the PATP and Core Program make tremendous progress, as their creativity, vulnerability, vocal, physical, and intellectual growth flourish. As long as you are committed to at least begin the hard work, the Maggie Flanigan Studio will be a creative home to lay the floorboards for your talent.

students in the Meisner acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio during a movement exercise in the movement class for actors

Meisner Acting Training Program – Movement Classes for Actors – (917) 794-3878

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