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Movement Class for Actors – Movement Technique

movement classes for actors at the maggie flanigan studioThe Maggie Flanagan studio is committed to helping every actor become exceptional, versatile and radiant in every moment of a performance. Rooted in the Meisner acting technique, our movement class for actors is one of the most important aspects of the program. Incorporating the study of the physical self, it’s relation to physical space and the physicality of other actors. The Movement Technique at Maggie Flanagan Studio was developed by master teacher, Loyd Williamson.

Meisner acting is about creating imaginary circumstances in an authentic, truthful spontaneous way, based on the interaction of actors moment by moment. One critical aspect of doing this successfully through movement is being fully aware and open in terms of your physical habits, postures, gestures, body language and voice and sound. This awareness is also critical to remaining open and aware of the physical aspects of other actors and the physical “world” you are creating together.

There is an intimate relationship between the emotional life and physical expression. Meisner actor training at Maggie Flanigan Studio includes a fully immersive experience in top-notch movement training for actors, an extremely important component of great acting. This class helps actors prepare for and manage the intensity of Meisner acting. More importantly, as students become more and more challenged, Movement Training will aid them in continuing to open up more physically rather than tense up and close themselves off as things become more challenging.

movement classes for actors - movement class for actors

Movement class for acting helps actors to immediately move beyond physical constrictions and use the body as a full acting instrument that can interact fully, with all the senses, to the world around them and to the other “players’ in that world.

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Many acting schools in New York offer movement classes for actors. The Maggie Flanigan Studio provides in-depth movement training classes which are taught by a group of the most respected and experienced movement teachers in New York and the United States. Many people consider the Maggie Flanigan Studio to be the best New York City film acting school. For more information about movement classes and training at the studio, call (917) 794-3878.