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Professional Actor Training Program

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Professional Actor Training Program – Acting Program – Call (917) 794-3878.

The Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) includes every class offered in our two-year conservatory. Spread out over two-years, this is the most comprehensive acting training in the United States. Classes included beyond the Acting 1 & Acting 2 Meisner Technique, include Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3, Voice 4, Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3, Movement 4, Theater History, Nutrition, Reiki, Commercial 1, Commercial 2, Film History, Script Analysis, Cold Reading, Monologue, Film & TV, Business Preparation Workshops, Business 1, and Business 2. For our students accepted into the studio who know coming in that they want to take the full conservatory, this is the most financially friendly option. The cost for all classes are added up and then divided over 24 months, keeping costs manageable. PATP students can receive a $500 discount towards their balance when paid in full upon enrollment, and get a 15% discount on any additional class or workshop that might be added during the year. PATP students have priority in class registration and first choice in selecting class times. Students can expect to be in class 24-26 hours a week. Additionally, what we offer in lieu of a showcase, Business 2, is only available to our students who have completed the PATP.

Year 1: Building the Foundation of the Meisner Technique

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Professional Actor Training Program in New York – Call (917) 794-3878.

Year 1 of the PATP immediately addresses the acting instrument with Voice 1 & Voice 2 and Movement 1 and Movement 2. Beginning this important physical and vocal training in conjunction with the Meisner Technique will allow for much greater growth in Acting 1. Theater History and Film History begin educating you on the history of the art form while teaching you how to read a play and watch films like an actor. Professional actors and directors take inspiration and talk often of the influences of what came before. To not have any understanding of acting’s history will make you look like an amateur, and limit your creative potential. We also believe that an actor’s health and well-being play a vital role in sustaining a long and substantial career. We are the only professional actor-training program in the United States to have a nutritionist on the faculty. Our Nutrition class will help you realize the importance of what you eat, and how it impacts sleep, creativity, energy, and mood. Commercial 1 addresses the opportunities for actors to earn a living via commercial work. We believe that booking commercial is much better than waiting tables or bartending. You will learn how to approach the commercial audition so that you have a competitive edge over everyone else. This first year of the PATP lays the foundation for you and sets you up to make the most out of the second year.

Year 2: Preparing for a Long Career

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The Two Year Professional Acting Program (917) 794-3878

Year 2 of the PATP continues the progression of physical training with Movement 3 & Movement 4, and Voice 3 and Voice 4. An essential skill for any professional actor is the ability to read a script and break it down. Script Analysis will teach you how to analyze text, which will aid tremendously in Acting 2 with Charlie. The Maggie Flanigan Studio was designed to give our students a significant advantage when entering the business. Monologue, Cold Reading, Commercial 2, and Film & TV builds on the foundation of the Meisner Technique and give you the opportunity to hone your audition skills both for theater and film. More importantly, these classes provide you the freedom to make all your mistakes in the classroom as opposed to making them in professional situations where there are real repercussions. Our PATP program ensures our students will not look amateurish, removing years of struggle off of your early career. Our Business Preparation Workshops, Business 1 and Business 2, led by Kate Lacey, add to the distinctive training that separates us from every studio in NYC and LA. We are the only two-year training program that puts the equal focus not just on your art, but on teaching you about the business, the industry expectations, the traps and the pitfalls that will face you when leaving school.

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The Maggie Flanigan Studio has built its reputation on sending out students who are fully prepared for a long professional career. The PATP is the option that provides our students with the most comprehensive and rigorous training available.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio has built its reputation on sending out students who are fully prepared for a long professional career. The PATP is the option that provides our students with the most comprehensive and rigorous acting training available. Some students are understandably concerned about the time available to work and support themselves in NYC while pursuing their acting training. All of our PATP students have survival jobs and are able to navigate not only their financial obligations but also the time and energy required to take on serious professional actor training.

Professional Actor Training Program

Selecting the Best Professional Actor Training Program

For various reasons, some students initially enroll in the other programs at the studio, instead of taking all of the professional acting classes that we provide. In addition to the Professional Actor Training Program, students can also elect to begin their training at the studio with these other programs: Core Acting Program, Meisner Only Acting Program and the Summer Acting Program.