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Think LIke a Researcher and Find Your Type

“What is my type on television?” is one of the most common things I am asked when teaching my film and television class.

“Well you’re like Norm on Cheers and in drama you’re like John Scrutti in Rescue Me, have you seen those shows?”

I responded. “Oh I don’t watch television…” he responded with a blank look.

It amazes me how many students who want to work on film and tv don’t watch film and tv. You need to seek out shows that are cast in your area and then research who you would play on that show. This takes work. This means you get on line or on Netflix and you start off watching trailers. You watch film and tv not like a consumer, but a researcher.

Your type may not be on a show that you love. If you’re an extreme character type and love Gossip Girl, chances are there is probably not much of your type on that show, but you may be perfect for Law and Order SVU.

The same goes for film. Begin to watch and seek out work that you can actually work in. Learn the names and casting people of shows you could really be on. Watch media with the eye of a casting director. If you want to work on film and television then you need to not just watch but analyze. Then you can have your guilty pleasure of shows that you like for yourself.

Alberto Bonilla
teaches the Film and TV class at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. This class is for actors who are serious about working in film and television. For more information about the class visit this page on the studio website: Film and TV Class in NYC

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