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Meisner Summer Intensive 2021

The Maggie Flanigan Studio announces the Meisner Summer Intensive 2021, which is part of the summer acting program that begins June 14th. Charlie Sandlan discusses the summer program, how the pandemic has changed acting classes at the studio this year and what students can expect from this online acting program.

20 Years: The Meisner Summer Intensive

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since our lives were turned upside down. Over these many months, we have spent our energy keeping ourselves safe and healthy and finding the grit and resilience to adapt to our expectations and move forward in our creative pursuits. For those of you who dream of becoming a serious professional actor, this has included reimagining what it means to be in a classroom. The Maggie Flanigan Studio has done that as well, and we have spent the last year bringing our entire conservatory program online until the pandemic has abated and vaccinations have become readily available for everyone.


This pandemic has provided us an uninvited breath, an opportunity to process adversity and decide how we choose to come through it. The actors and artists who will be the most successful have embraced a willingness to adapt.

Charlie SandlanExecutive Director, Head of Acting

So we enter our 20th summer-ready to continue our online classroom with our Six-Week Meisner Summer Intensive. The most significant discovery I have made as a teacher this past year is how successful the Meisner Technique has been in the Zoom classroom. I had my doubts at first, but my students’ success has convinced me that you can seriously train online. I’m sure many of you have been wavering, uncertain if you should move forward with acting classes or wait until the world gets back to some “normalcy.” I believe that those of us that will come out of this crisis successfully are the ones that didn’t wait but moved forward with purpose and vision. The worst thing would be to look back after two years of “waiting for a better time” and realize that you wasted an opportunity.

The Six Week Acting Program: Hard Work and Artistry

I can promise you this, in six weeks you will learn a tremendous amount about the art of acting. You will learn how to: truthfully do under imaginary circumstances, get off your head and onto your spontaneous impulses, become fully present, listen with empathy and vulnerability, craft simply, and bring all of that to scenes, discovering a process to create organic, vivid, fully realized human behavior. It is hard work. Yes, some changes must be made to make online acting classes successful. But one thing that will never be sacrificed is the standard that has separated MFS from other NYC acting studios; the expectations placed on our students. You will be asked to play full out with yourself, encouraged to operate outside of your comfort zone, and challenged to embrace a deeper understanding of hard work and artistry in a safe and nurturing environment.

This pandemic has provided us an uninvited breath, an opportunity to process adversity and decide how we choose to come through it. The actors and artists who will be the most successful have embraced a willingness to adapt.

We have also adapted and revised our voice and movement training to accommodate the online platform. MFS did not want to sacrifice our commitment to the actor as an artist, including developing your complete instrument. Our summer conservatory program includes voice, movement, nutrition, reiki, self-tape auditions, and theater history.

Aspiring Actors and the Human Condition

I have said many times I believe most actors are lazy. They do not work on themselves the way other artists do. Most are caught up with a superficial fascination with celebrity and fame. But I am not interested in them. The Maggie Flanigan Studio is committed to working with those of you who have a deep passion for illuminating the human condition. I understand you may be hesitant and have questions you would like answered. Now is the time to do your homework and due diligence. You can call or email the studio and set up a time to speak with me one on one.

If there is one good thing to come out of these precarious times, it is the new opportunity that well-adapted online acting courses have brought to aspiring actors who live all over the world. Those of you who might not have found your way to NYC to enroll in a professional acting school now can take the best training the industry has to offer from the convenience of your own home. I have been so thrilled to have students in my classroom from Norway to Australia, from Seattle to Austin, to LA, and beyond. My wish for all of you fellow daydreamers is to continue to pursue your dreams with conviction, wherever you are.

The 2021 Meisner Summer Intensive Acting Program

Learn more about the six-week Meisner Intensive and other online acting classes offered this summer by visiting the studio website: Actors interested in applying for acceptance into the program should start by submitting the online application. Students with questions about the acting programs at the studio can call (917) 794-3878.

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