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Congratulations to Erin Cherry

Acclaimed actress Erin Cherry chatted with Digital Journal about her 2019 Daytime Emmy win for her work on the hit digital drama series “After Forever.”

Erin Cherry wins the 2019 Daytime Emmy Award

Erin Cherry – Studio Faculty – 2019 Daytime Emmy Award Win

Cherry won the Emmy Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Drama Series” for her portrayal of Brenda in After Forever on Amazon Prime. The show is a story about love, loss, healing, and new beginnings. “That was overwhelming. It felt like an out-of-body experience. It was a great night. I still feel like I’m floating on clouds,” she admitted.

She is drawn to her character Brenda since she loves her “heart” and “she loves how she cares for Brian and the people around her.” “The only thing is that you don’t know who her family is yet and I am excited to see where she goes with regard to her friendships and relationships. I am stoked to see what my character will grow into,” she said.

“Brenda is an important voice for the show and I love the way she is written. You don’t see that many black lesbian women on television, so I think that is great,” she added.

Cherry had nothing but the kindest remarks about working with co-creators Kevin Spirtas and Michael Slade, as well as the cast of After Forever. “My acting background is theater. Kevin was great because this was my first time doing a digital drama. Kevin was always welcoming and he took me under his wing. They all guided me and I learned a lot just from watching them. They all made me feel comfortable and at home,” she said.

Erin Cherry - 2019 Daytime Emmy Award - Studio Faculty

Erin Cherry – 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards – Maggie Flanigan Studio Faculty

Her advice for young and aspiring actors is as follows: “Just keep at it. There are times when you want to give up, but give yourselves breaks. There are times when you can recharge like a battery. You need to find things for self-care since that is important.”

On the impact of technology and streaming on the entertainment industry, Cherry said, “Technology has made competition harder, but because of that competition that will make for good television. As a kid, the movies were competitive, and now it’s all about the streaming services.”

Cherry continued, “The cool thing about streaming is that you can go back and watch it six months from now. You can also binge-watch and never leave the house. It’s a really fascinating thing. I never would have imagined that TV would turn into what it has become now. I feel that streaming is the future of TV.”

Each day, she is motivated by her desire to make humanity better with her acting work. “There are so many artists who have worked hard to make the world a better place,” she said. “Artists help save humanity since they help change lives. I want to keep my audience hopeful.”

On her definition of the word success, Cherry said, “If you have goals in mind and you are taking steps to accomplish those goals, then that is success. That’s what keeps you going at night and that’s what keeps you awake. Success is what keeps your heart burning.”

Erin Cherry with advice for actors and students on being persistent

Erin Cherry – 2019 Emmy Awards – Advice for Round and Aspiring Actors

For her fans and supporters, Cherry said, “Thank you for supporting me. I also truly want to thank the voters that voted for me. You literally took someone who was an unknown and you gave me a platform to start my career. I couldn’t have done that without the fans watching us on Amazon Prime. The fans are the reasons I am where I am at right now.”

To learn more about Emmy award-winning actress Erin Cherry, check out her official homepage.

For more information on the Emmy award-winning digital drama series After Forever, check out its website.

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