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Maggie Flanigan Studio Accepting Applications: Fall 2017 Two Year Acting Program

NEW YORK, July 10, 2017 – Actors of any experience level who are serious about discovering and refining their craft are encouraged to apply to the Fall 2017 Two Year Acting Program beginning September 8 at the Maggie Flanigan Studio — New York’s elite actor training program. The studio is the preeminent source for instruction in the Meisner technique, an approach to acting that emphasizes truth, emotion, and imagination. More information about the program is available at


The Maggie Flanigan Studio proudly announces the start of the two-year acting program this fall. The Meisner Technique training program is ideal for actors and students who are serious about their training. Interested students should contact the studio to arrange an interview. Call (917) 794-3878.

“Much of the so-called training in this country has found a way to cater to the idea that craft and technique can be acquired very quickly,” says Charlie Sandlan, executive director and head of acting at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. “These misunderstandings lead to some big misconceptions about establishing a serious acting career. If you truly want to be an actor, then you must have a vision of the type of artist that you want to be. All brilliant artists do.”

Year one of the Two Year Acting Program explores the fundamentals of craft, helping students transform knowledge into improvisational action. Students act in three scenes as part of the 9-month session while learning to identify each scene’s context and subtext. The first year provides all the tools for emotionally connecting with other actors and with the material at hand.

“In the program’s first year,” explains Sandlan, “we begin unlocking the imaginative potential inside each actor. We discuss the importance of finding one’s own way into a character and scene. Year one is the essential foundation for the more focused and intensive work that comes in the second year.”

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The Two Year Acting Program at Maggie Flanigan Studio Begins September 8. Serious Actors Should Call to Arrange an Interview. Call (917) 794-3878.

Script and characterization are the focal points of the second year of the Two Year Acting Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. Students practice inhabiting other characters and accessing the many aspects of the human condition. Professional development in the form of rehearsal preparation is another feature of the second year.

“Ultimately, by the end of year two, students will have begun realizing their own craft,” concludes Sandlan. “Craft and technique are essential ingredients in maximizing one’s talents. And our goal at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is to empower each student to achieve their dream of a long professional career on stage or screen.”

Many graduates of the Two Year Acting Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio have gone on to rewarding and fulfilling careers. One of those is Gene Pope, who recently appeared in the short films “Only Solomon Lee” and “Hand Over Hand.”

“Up front, I want to clearly state that I don’t consider myself a ‘natural’ actor,” says Pope. “I’m one who needed to learn the skill set and had to work hard to soak those skills into my soul. And I could never have accomplished any of this without Maggie Flanigan Studio. First year, Charlie and Maggie really opened me up and toughened me up, literally and mentally. My work ethic cranked up to a 10. Second year prepared me to be an artist, to never stop polishing my skills once I graduated … and to not be intimidated.

“Now, 3 years later, there isn’t a single moment when I don’t use what I was taught. I still re-read my class notes and Meisner exercises. Acting skills are becoming embedded, spontaneous and all the time easier to draw upon. Lastly, Charlie and Maggie and all the rest of the teachers at MFS are supremely kind to actors, which is essential to allow yourself to experiment, fail and try again. They want you to succeed.”

About the Maggie Flanigan Studio

We are proud to be NYC’s most respected professional actor training program. We welcome aspiring actors interested in going the distance with themselves; risk-takers who want to feel safe, nurtured, and yet pushed in a way they could have never imagined in order to fulfill their fullest artistic potential. Executive Director Charlie Sandlan and all of the faculty approach every day honored to be the caretakers of Maggie Flanigan’s artistic vision.

Charlie Sandlan, Executive Director and Head of Acting
Maggie Flanigan Studio
147 W. 25th St. 5th Floor
New York, New York 10001
(917) 794-3878

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