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Two Year Acting Program at The Prestigious Maggie Flanigan Studio Begins January 3, 2018

Comprehensive Two-Year Acting Program at The Prestigious Maggie Flanigan Studio Begins January 3, 2018

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2017, Interviews are still available for the last remaining slots in the upcoming Two Year Acting Program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. The First Year training begins on January 3, 2018, in New York City and runs until July 31, 2018. As the leading provider of instruction in the Meisner Technique, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has helped mold raw, aspiring actors into bona fide working professionals who have achieved their dreams and developed their own distinctive craft. More information about what to expect from the Two Year Acting Program is available at

“Our Two Year Acting Program develops not just actors, but real artists who can compete with those graduating from the top MFA programs in the United States,” says Charlie Sandlan, Executive Director and Head of Acting at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. “We help our students become the actor they have always dreamed of becoming, instilling in them the craft and artistry to sustain a long career.”


"Our Two Year Acting Program develops not just actors, but real artists who can compete with those graduating from the top MFA programs in the United States,"

Charlie SandlanExecutive Director

The Maggie Flanigan Studio’s curriculum is rooted in the accuracy of the Meisner Technique, which was developed by Sanford Meisner during his time teaching in New York City. The technique steers students away from bad habits like “pretending” and delivering “lines,” instead shifting the focus toward listening and responding personally. Meisner prized authenticity, vulnerability, and imagination above all else. The Maggie Flanigan Studio believes that the best actor training must include these essential characteristics, and their acting programs reflect this belief.

Year one of the Two Year Acting Program dives into the fundamentals of acting, giving students the tools to create vivid human behavior. During the 9-months of Meisner training, each student will work on three scenes.  Students will be taught to identify and craft the scenes’ previous circumstance, the acting relationship, and the emotional preparation needed for the scene.  By the end of the first year, students will have developed a truthful acting instrument, with all of the fundamentals second nature.

In the program’s second year with Charlie Sandlan, the focus moves to character and script interpretation, as students bring the fundamental skill set they accumulated in year one. Students will learn to step into the shoes of another human being, drawing on their imagination, insight, and experience in order to breathe life into a major part. Second year training also focuses on the business of acting, as the studio will teach students on how to do their taxes, how to approach headshots, how to use social media, as well as meeting important agents and casting directors.

“Our conservatory program has one goal,” adds Sandlan, “and that is to produce a complete artist. We strive to empower all students to become actors who possess the skill, craft, and education necessary to work well into their 40s, 50s, and 60s.”

Previous students who have gone on to rewarding professional careers have heaped praise on the Two Year Acting Program. “I’m excited because I can confidently pursue the career I’ve always wanted,” explains Maggie Flanigan Studio alum Claire Ganshert. “Now I have the tools of a professional actor — I fell fully equipped. Charlie helped to cultivate the level of discipline and work ethic it takes to succeed. I believe focused training is the most important thing one can do on the path to becoming an actor. Thanks to everyone at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, I now have that training and can access it whenever I need it.”

With spaces still open for the Two Year Acting Program starting in January, interested students and actors looking to refine and crystallize their skillset are encouraged to call (917) 794-3878 to schedule an interview.

two year acting program - Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

two year acting program – Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

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We are proud to be NYC’s most respected professional actor-training program. We welcome aspiring actors interested in going the distance with themselves; risk-takers who want to feel safe nurtured and yet pushed in a way they could have never imagined in order to fulfill their fullest artistic potential. Executive Director Charlie Sandlan and all of the faculty approach every day honored to be the caretakers of Maggie Flanigan’s artistic vision.

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