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Making the Commitment to Meisner Training and Maggie Flanigan Studio

Matthew Ramirez discusses the reason why he decided to study the Meisner Technique, and why he chose the Maggie Flanigan Studio instead of other NYC acting studios.

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Two Year Acting Program – Matthew Ramirez – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Q: Matthew, tell me about your background in acting.

A: When I was a kid I did a couple church plays here and there and I loved that, I loved being up on the stage but I had this really bad experience where I was frozen, walked off stage, never went back to it until after high school. I kept talking about it and my dad was like, “You talk about it all the time, just do it.” That was encouraging and he was supporting, but it was scary, I didn’t know where to start or where to go. I did a couple workshops, a Meisner program, a couple one on one classes here and there and then I came here.


Before I came to the studio I was not really grounded and I definitely was not confident. I did not even know how to prepare for anything.

Matthew RamirezTwo Year Acting Program

Q: Where else did you study the Meisner technique in NYC?

A: I didn’t study the Meisner technique. I read his book before I came here. I had heard about the Meisner technique, but when I read his book it was simple and just specific. Talking to other people about the technique and how effective it was for them, and how positive they were talking about it definitely drove me to come here and study the Meisner technique.

Q: What was it like, the other places you have studied whether it was just one off classes, intensive workshops, what were those places like?

A: To be quite honest I think that they could be useful, but I think for someone else starting out that didn’t have a foundation, I wasn’t really grounded, I didn’t know how to approach anything really, it was all over the place and maybe in the future some of these workshops would be helpful to use as tools, but not having anything to ground yourself in and be confident in the one thing that you’re doing is pretty frustrating.

Q: What were the problems you were having as an actor that led you to the two year training program at the studio?

A: I think definitely for me there would be so much downtime in between a workshop to the next workshop to the next one on one that it would kill that motivation, especially not really knowing what to do, what to read, what to look for. While I was in the workshops I was completely in there, I loved it and I knew that this is something that I really wanted to pursue, but that downtime and just not being committed to something five days a week, just like once a week, it leaves so much room for distraction and yes, so much distraction out there that it’s easy to just fall back and stay comfortable. I think the comfort factor, it’s easier to just be comfortable when you’re going to do something once a week and you think you’re really pursuing it, but at the same time, you know deep down that you’re scared to fully commit, so the downtime. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like feeling comfortable basically.

Q: How did you feel walking into those workshops without a real foundation? Did you feel confident or did you feel unprepared? What was going on for you?

A: I definitely did not feel confident and I definitely did not feel prepared. I tried to be as confident as anybody would be like, “Oh you got this, just be yourself, give them what you got”, but no I didn’t have anything to ground myself in. I definitely was not confident. I didn’t even know how to prepare.

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Two Year Acting Program – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 794-3878

Admission to the Two Year Acting Program at  Maggie Flanigan Studio

To learn more about the Meisner Technique, the two year acting program and acting class at the studio, call (917) 794-3878 during normal studio hours.

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