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Two Year Acting Program – Interview with Logan Ricket

Two Year Acting Program - Logan Ricket - (917) 794-3878

The two year acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is a professional training program for actors who are serious about establishing themselves. The 2 year program is based on the principles of Sanford Meisner’s training. In this interview Logan Ricket talks about his experience in the program and the specific reason why he chose this program instead of the other two year acting programs in New York.

Q: What did you think professional actor training was before you started the two year acting program and training at the studio?

A: Having trained in undergrad, I knew that it existed, that it was important and that you needed to train your body and your voice, as well as script, techniques and things like that. However, I had no idea how to do it, why it was useful or how it all worked together to create something that was fabulous in the end. So I knew it existed and that I needed to do it if I wanted to be worth anything, but I had no idea what it was or how to do it.

Q: What happened during the two year program that changed your perspective on training?

A: It happened fast! The first day of the first year Charlie sat us all down and talked to us. He said that this was going to be the hardest thing we have ever done in our lives and then he started giving us little tidbits of information about what acting is, and I was immediately thinking, “whoa, wow – lightbulbs.”

Within the first week I started voice, then movement and theater history. I started realizing that it is a full body, mind, soul, spirit thing and that you have to work on all of them, all of the time in order to have the complete package that is going to be available and open to use in the work that we do as actors.

Q: What did you learn about yourself during the training program that was a surprise or that changed you?

A: A lot of things.

Probably the most important thing was that who I am was something that I do not know before but I thought I did, so I uncovered that. More importantly, once I uncovered who I was, I learned that person is enough and I learned to love that person.

Through doing that I was able to take more risks in my work and to be brave both in the studio and out. In relationships and standing up for what I want and what I believe in.

So I was training to be the best actor that I could be but I also thought that I became a better human being.

Q: There are a lot of techniques, a lot of studios to study at. Why was Maggie Flanigan Studio the only place for you?

A: Because it is, I interviewed with a number of studios in the city, and across the country, all on the phone because I could not travel a lot because of work. I knew hanging up the phone with Charlie that this that this was where I wanted to go. Not really where I wanted to go but where I needed to go, and wanted to as well.

I still had a number of phone interviews to do after that, and I told Charlie that.

“Well then wait, take your time and make sure that this is right for you.”

This meant so much to me. The other places were saying things like “Let us know because we are ready to take you”, and it felt very much like a business deal instead of “let me make a home for you. We want to make sure that the place where you study is the right place for you.”

So I made those other calls and the whole time I was thinking “ this is b******t. I would much rather go to Maggie Flanigan.”

I did not get a chance to come visit the studio or meet any of the faculty or students before I made the decision, my phone call with Charlie, and the way that he talked about the work. The passion that he has for the work was palpable over the phone.

I know of the studio because my undergrad mentor knows Maggie and told me that if I wanted to continue training I should come here.

Now that I have come here, I think that you would be completely foolish to go anywhere else. There is nothing like it.

It has been the most magical and transformative experience of my life.

Two Year Acting Program Interview

Serious actors who are interested in the conservatory program should apply online and call to set up an interview. To apply clock here: Apply to the Two Year Acting Program. Call the studio directly if you have any questions about the two year acting program or other acting classes at the studio, (917) 794-3878.

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