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The Defining Moment for Every Actor

Charlie Sandlan is the executive director and head of acting at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. In this blog post, Charlie describes the moment of realization that defines every actor.

this image is from the maggie flanigan studio acting program. students are in class at the studio as part of the acting program for serious actors. Students are with charlie Sandlan who is addressing the students at the end of the first year of the two year program.

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The Defining Moment of Realization for Every Actor

At some point in an actor’s life, there comes a defining moment. If you are really serious about pursuing a professional career, you probably came to New York looking for acting classes in NYC and felt overwhelmed by what to do. So over the first few years in the city, you cobble together a hodge-podge of classes: scene study, improv, on-camera, monologue workshops. You even spend money going to the various studio’s that charge you to take classes with casting director’s and agents who offer their two-cents on your acting. Jumping from teacher to teacher, often finding yourself frustrated and even unsure of what you are actually learning. You spend thousands of dollars in the process. And then you discover something. You’ve taken all of these classes and realize you still don’t know how to act. You realize that you don’t have a craft or technique that actually provides a consistent way of working. A process, and a developed instrument that allows you to walk into any room, grab a script, and create organic, fully realized human behavior consistently. A majority of the prospective students I interview for my studio fit this description.


"Many actors come to the point where they realize that they have taken years of acting classes and they still don't know how to act."

Charlie SandlanHead of Acting, Executive Director

So the defining moment arrives. “I think I need to get seriously trained.” And so you begin your search looking for a highly respected acting program that can provide you with a way of working that can actually support a long career. Martha Graham, the mother of modern dance has a famous quote, “Technique will set you free.” This applies to any art form. When you have one, then your talent and instincts can fully come to the surface. The fundamentals of acting cannot be learned in a scene study class, an improv class, or an on-camera class. The benefits of an immersive conservatory approach to acting, one that focuses not just on the craft, but also trains you in movement, voice, theater history, film history, and script analysis will turn you into a well rounded seriously trained actor.

The ability to craft simply and personally, to listen intently, surprised in every moment, spontaneous, free, and alive must be developed with hard work. A technique is necessary to make this possible, and ultimately, you must be willing to commit the time and money to do it. A long-lasting career, one that excels into your sixties and seventies must be built on a solid foundation of craft and skill. It takes incredibly hard work and commitment. It requires you to have a vision of the type of actor you want to be, and the passion and drive to see that to fulfillment.

If you are wondering about how to begin pursuing your passion and love for acting, it’s important to realize that a resume filled with a list of four and six-week classes does not add up to serious fundamental training. Master the art form first with a two-year professional acting program. Then when you grab a script and walk into an audition room, you’ll really know what to do.

these are students in acting class who have enrolled in the two year acting program

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