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Mastering Acting: Intensive Acting Courses at Maggie Flanigan Studio


In a realm where acting transcends art to become a dynamic career path, intensive acting courses emerge as pivotal milestones of transformation and excellence. 

Rooted in the esteemed traditions of the Meisner acting technique, our acting studio’s serious summer acting programs and two-year professional actor training program provide a rigorous and immersive experience in acting fundamentals, voice, and movement, integral to both theater and film acting.

In this blog, we will dig deep into the core, architecture, and significant influence of our acting courses. Meticulously designed to meet the high standards of acting studios in New York City, our curriculum is tailored for both aspiring actors and working professionals eager to hone their artistry.

Key Takeaways

  • Intensive acting courses are transformative journeys that deepen actors’ emotional and technical mastery.
  • Scene study and specialized workshops at Maggie Flanigan Studio lay a robust foundation for industry-ready talent.
  • Commitment to intensive training at our studio is a step toward living and breathing acting as a profound art form.

The Essence of Intensive Acting Courses

Students enrolled in Maggie Flanigan Studio's conservatory professional actor training.

Our acting courses are crafted to immerse students in a world where acting is not merely a skill but a profound exploration of human emotion and behavior. Unlike our full two-year conservatory acting program, our NYC summer acting intensive compresses extensive training into a focused and rigorous timeframe. 

In these courses, students are plunged into a comprehensive curriculum that demands their full commitment and passion. It’s an environment where every exercise, every line, and every gesture is an opportunity to grow and refine their craft.

As our students begin their training, they are introduced to a range of techniques and exercises designed to build a strong acting foundation. From the Meisner Technique, a cornerstone of our teaching philosophy, to specialized workshops, every class is an opportunity to delve deeper into the actor’s craft.

Enrollment in our gold-standard acting studio is a step into a world where acting is considered a serious and valued art form. It’s where students explore the depths of their emotions, challenge their preconceptions about themselves, and emerge as actors ready to take on the world of theater and film. 

As the weeks progress, actors develop not just skills but an understanding of what it means to pursue a professional acting career. Here, every class, every scene, every moment is an opportunity to become not just an actor, but an artist.

Core Components of Our Intensive Acting Classes

Movement classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, each acting course is intricately designed to provide an in-depth and comprehensive training experience. 

Here are the core components of our curriculum which focuses on nurturing students into well-rounded, industry-ready actors, equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive in the competitive world of acting:

Meisner Technique: The Heart of Our Program

The Meisner Technique lies at the core of our curriculum. It’s here that students engage deeply with the fundamentals of character work, learning to analyze, interpret, and embody roles with grace, simplicity, and authenticity. This intensive focus allows students to explore various genres and styles, preparing them for a wide range of performances from theater to film.

Voice and Movement: Unlocking Expression

Voice and movement classes are essential components of our training. These courses go beyond basic drills, introducing actors to techniques that free their physical and emotional instruments.

This aspect of the curriculum is crucial for actors to achieve a range of emotions and to adapt their performance for any setting, be it on stage or in front of the camera.

Specialized Workshops: Acting for Film and Combat

For students focused on the silver screen, our acting for film workshops provides invaluable on-camera experience. These classes teach the subtle differences between acting for film versus theater, emphasizing how to tailor performances for the lens and the specific demands of film acting.

To ensure our actors are comprehensive in their skills, we include combat training for both stage and film. These workshops not only cover the technical aspects of stage combat but also incorporate it into overall performance, enhancing physicality and presence.

The Journey Through Intensive Training

A student undergoing on-camera training.

Launching into an intensive training program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio marks the beginning of a profound journey. Our array of courses, encompassing everything from the dynamic 6-week summer intensives to the in-depth 18-month conservatory curriculum, is tailored to challenge actors beyond their comfort zone, guiding them into the core of their acting potential.

Starting the Journey: The Foundational Weeks

In the initial weeks, whether in spring, summer, or fall, students are introduced to the fundamental aspects of acting. These foundational classes are crucial in setting the tone for the weeks to come, as they lay the groundwork upon which all subsequent learning is built. 

During this period, students learn how to get out of their heads, and onto their spontaneous impulses, fully present, listening with empathy and vulnerability. Acting is the ability to do truthfully under an imaginary circumstance, and the early work at our studio focuses on this core understanding.

Intensifying the Experience: Week Intensive Programs

As the courses progress, the intensity amplifies. Our six-week-intensive programs are particularly renowned for their rigorous nature, demanding a high level of commitment and energy from each actor. 

These intensives are a deep dive into the craft, where every moment in class is an opportunity to explore, discover, and refine. Here, students are not only learning but they are also living the life of an actor, experiencing the highs and lows, the challenges, and the triumphs of the profession.

Culminating in Performance: The Final Weeks

The culmination of our intensive courses is a period of intense, focused scene work. It’s during these final weeks that students get to apply all they have learned, bringing together voice, movement, acting fundamentals, and emotional truth in a performance that showcases their growth and potential. 

Demonstrating skills is just a small part of this process. This phase is about embodying the essence of being a serious actor.

Admission Process and Getting Started

Acting Director Charlie Sandlan teaching a class at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Taking the first step toward a professional acting career at Maggie Flanigan Studio involves a personalized and insightful admission process. 

Rather than a traditional audition, we opt for a more intimate approach: A one-on-one interview. This crucial conversation allows us to gauge not just your acting ability but your fervor, dedication, and readiness to commit to the demanding yet rewarding path that lies ahead.

Your journey begins when you submit your application. This initial move is your opportunity to express your interest and take a leap toward realizing your acting aspirations. 

On a predetermined date, you’ll engage in a dialogue with our Artistic Director and Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan, an essential component of the enrollment process. 

This interaction isn’t merely about assessing your current skills; it’s an exploration of your passion for acting, your understanding of the craft, and your vision for your future.

We’re interested in learning about what drives you, what inspires you, and how committed you are to pursuing acting as a serious professional endeavor.

Once you’ve decided to enroll in one of our programs, whether it’s a summer intensive or a more extended course, preparation is key. 

Our NYC acting programs are rigorous and designed to challenge you at every turn. Being mentally and physically prepared to dive into this transformative experience is essential.

Why Choose Maggie Flanigan Studio?

Deciding on the right place to hone your acting skills is crucial, and Maggie Flanigan Studio, situated amidst the vibrant arts scene represents the pinnacle of dedicated acting training. 

Our studio’s commitment to the Meisner Technique sets us apart, providing a foundational acting technique that promotes genuine and imaginative performances. 

On top of that, it is here where you’ll find not just an acting course or actor training program but a community dedicated to nurturing your talent and preparing you for a successful career in acting. Whether through our summer intensives or comprehensive workshops, your journey into the craft and art of acting starts with a commitment to excellence—a commitment we’re ready to make with you.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with us? Call us today and take the first step toward realizing your potential as an actor.


Intensive acting courses at Maggie Flanigan Studio are more than just a program. They are a transformative journey. With a curriculum that challenges, nurtures, and inspires, we invite you to explore the depths of your talent and the heights of your potential. 

Whether you’re looking to lay a foundation in acting, intensify your training, or deepen your craft, our doors are open. Enroll today, and join a community of actors dedicated to the art and craft of acting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intensive acting?

Intensive acting is a focused and immersive approach to training that encompasses a full conservatory approach to actor training in a limited time frame. It is where actors undergo a rigorous program, often during the summer, to rapidly develop their craft.

It’s comprehensive, and has been part of the Maggie Flanigan Studio’s reputation for over two decades., A good acting intensive should be designed to push actors into the heart of professional acting.

What course is best for acting?

The best course for acting is one that aligns with your career goals and personal learning style. 

Programs like the Meisner Technique offered at Maggie Flanigan Studio during the summer and throughout the year provide a comprehensive and immersive foundation, ideal for those serious about acting.

Should I do an acting course?

If you’re passionate about acting and committed to honing your craft, enrolling in an acting course is a valuable step. It introduces you to professional techniques and workshops, offering structured training essential for growth.

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