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Maggie Flanigan Studio: One of the Best Acting Schools in NYC

In New York City, known for its vibrant theater community, the Maggie Flanigan Studio stands out as a premier center for acting education and the authority on the Meisner Technique.

Recognized among the best acting schools in NYC, our studio offers comprehensive NYC acting classes that are essential for a professional or an aspiring actor’s journey.

So whether you’re a newbie in acting or a seasoned actor, Maggie Flanigan Studio is an ideal place for rigorous training and skill development. 

Are you eager to understand why our acting studio is renowned for producing well-trained, professional actors and has one of the highest reputations in NYC? Then, continue reading. 

Key Takeaways

  • Maggie Flanigan Studio’s dedication to the Meisner Technique forms the cornerstone of our professional acting classes. Our professional actor training provides craft and technique, preparing aspiring actors for diverse roles in theater, film, and television.
  • Our studio’s commitment to small class sizes guarantees personalized attention, nurturing each individual’s creative development in an intimate, supportive setting.
  • Setting high training standards while offering a diverse curriculum that includes scene study and close work with industry professionals, our studio is here to prepare actors for a long and vibrant career in the arts.

Why Maggie Flanigan Studio Ranks Among the Best Acting Schools in NYC

Students at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Maggie Flanigan Studio, established in 2001 by Maggie Flanigan in New York City, stands out for its unique approach to actor training. 

Under the combined leadership of Maggie and her protégé, Artistic Director & Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan, the studio offers a curriculum that goes beyond mere acting techniques, training actors deeply on their artistic growth. 

There are several key reasons why this acting studio is a top choice. Let’s delve into what makes it so special.

Expert faculty

Our faculty is carefully selected by Artistic Director and Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan himself. This ensures that students are taught by professional teachers dedicated to shaping and mentoring serious actors. 

On top of that, this approach guarantees that the training is current, dynamic, and deeply rooted in the real-world experience of professional acting rather than relying on outdated methods. 

Here in our studio, we provide students with firsthand knowledge and experience in the acting world, educating our students on both the artistic and business demands of a serious career. This prepares them not only for New York City and regional theater but also for film and television.

Personalized attention

Our commitment to personalized attention is another defining aspect of our approach to professional training. 

Unlike others, our studio maintains small class sizes. This ensures each aspiring actor receives individualized attention

It is in such an environment that students do not get lost in the crowd but are given the opportunity to shine and develop their skills in a more intimate and supportive setting. This personalized attention is key to nurturing their journey from aspiring actors to professional performers.

High standards of training

Here, the training begins with setting the highest of standards. 

Our expectations are demanding. We challenge every student to play full out with themselves, to operate outside their comfort zone, and to never settle for their second best.

In our studio, you’ll dive into everything from the full progression of the Meisner Technique, to in-depth scene study and analysis. You will learn to master your instrument, working deeply on your physical and vocal range and educating yourself on the history of theater and film. 

In our optional third-year business program, you will work closely with casting directors, agents, and managers, learning the requirements and expectations of the business. Our conservatory approach to training also includes classes on Cold Reading, the Alexander Technique, Mask & Character, Playwriting, and On-Camera Technique.

We believe that acting is an art form and that the best acting schools in NYC reflect this in everything they do. We will challenge and equip you with not only craft and technique but with an inviolate sense of truth, and a rock-solid work ethic. 

Graduates of the Maggie Flanigan Studio have the reputation as some of the most hard-working and professional actors in the business. 

Commitment to professional development

We understand that success in the acting profession requires not only talent. It also demands a deep understanding of the craft, strong business acumen, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. 

That’s why we go the extra mile to equip our students with the essential tools and knowledge they need to excel not only in auditions but in every professional setting.

Whether your goal is to shine on the big screen, captivate theater audiences, or make your mark in the world of television, our studio offers a straightforward and comprehensive path to help you achieve your professional acting dreams. 

Meisner Technique: The Heart of Our Acting Training

Two actors doing scene work.

The Meisner technique, named after Sanford Meisner, forms the core of our training.

Meisner is a distinguished American actor and acting teacher and is the genius behind this transformative method. His pioneering approach to acting places a strong emphasis on authenticity and emotional truth in every performance. 

Even today, Meisner’s enduring legacy continues to shape actors and acting classes worldwide. In fact, his technique has evolved into a fundamental aspect of actor education, renowned for its capacity to strip away artificiality and train actors to establish profound, authentic connections to their characters. 

Artistic Director & Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan, continues to pay homage to his profound impact on the art of acting by becoming the most accurate and faithful teacher of Meisner’s technique. 

Charlie has been trained and mentored by the two greatest Meisner teachers of their generation, William Esper and Maggie Flanigan, and he has spent the last two decades dedicated to integrating Meisner’s acting philosophy into the entire studio curriculum. This ensures that our students receive the finest training available, empowering them to thrive in their careers.

A Quick Look at our Acting Programs

Students taking on-camera acting classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, we offer a range of comprehensive acting programs designed to nurture your talent, sharpen your skills, and prepare you for a successful career in the world of acting. 

Our programs cater to diverse needs, from intensive acting conservatory training to specialized courses that focus on the Meisner Technique and the business demands of the industry. 

Below, you’ll find an overview of our programs and what each one entails:

Professional Actor Training Program (PATP)

The PATP is a rigorous two-year acting conservatory program that forms the foundation of our training. 

In the first year, students dive into Acting classes, Voice and Movement training, Film and Theater History, as well as Breathwork and Combat training. These courses lay the foundation for our students’ acting journey. 

In the second year, the program continues with advanced Acting Classes plus Script Analysis and Cold Reading. It is in these classes that students gain the skills and knowledge they need to pursue a professional acting career.

Meisner Acting Only

For those who wish to dive deep into the Meisner Technique, our Meisner Acting Only program is ideal. 

In this specialized program, students enroll in Acting 1 in the first year and continue with Acting 2 in the second year. The focus is entirely on the fundamentals of acting. 

Students learn a way of getting out of their heads, into their hearts, and onto their spontaneous impulses. 

The training provides a consistent way of creating organic, vivid, fully realized human behavior. We believe that the best acting schools in NYC should accomplish nothing less than this.

Summer Acting Program

Our Summer Acting Program offers an immersive summer experience. 

This six-week training combines Meisner Summer Intensive, Intro to Playwriting, Movement, Voice, Mask & Character, Alexander Technique, and Performance Combat training. 

This makes this program perfect for those looking for a condensed yet comprehensive, conservatory-based, acting education during the summer months.

Professional Business Program

In the professional world of acting, a strong understanding of the business side is crucial. Available to actors with either a two-year program like MFS, or an advanced degree, this full-year Professional Actor Business Program is what truly separates the Maggie Flanigan Studio from all NYC acting studios. 

Over the course of nine months, students will be fully educated on the business, along with acquiring all of the necessary assets needed by any serious actor. You will get your headshots taken, work with our web designer to curate and build your professional website, and shoot a professional reel in collaboration with REELARC.  

Students also work with a life coach, business coach, tax accountant, branding consultant, and social media expert. Classes include cold reading, the art of self-taping, on-camera technique, and auditioning. 

This work culminates in two months of in-person auditions with some of the top agents, managers, and casting directors in the industry. Most actors will take 6-10 years to figure out how the business works. We will give it all to you in nine months. 

Students who complete the full three-year program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio are incredibly prepared to carve out a successful acting career.

Rise Above the Rest with Maggie Flanigan Studio

Movement classes with New-York based Australian international artist Tina Mitchell.

Are you an aspiring actor who is struggling to find your footing in theater and film? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned professional seeking to refine your craft and become more consistent and vivid in your work.

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, we understand these challenges and are here to guide you through them. 

Just a mile away from the vibrant West Village, our studio is renowned as an institution that provides one of the best acting classes, specializing in the Meisner Technique.

We offer a rigorous, comprehensive acting conservatory experience that caters to the unique needs of both budding and experienced actors.

Ready to seize the chance to transform your acting career at one of New York’s finest acting schools? Don’t let the challenges of the industry hold you back. Call us today and find out the schedule of our upcoming classes.


For any aspiring actor looking for the best acting school in New York City, Maggie Flanigan Studio offers an unmatched experience. 

Its dedication to the Meisner Acting Technique, combined with comprehensive, conservatory training and a supportive environment, makes it the premier choice for anyone serious about a career in acting.

Simply put, we’re not just an acting school. Think of our studio as a transformative journey where dedication and hard work forge the best artists in the field of acting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most prestigious acting school in New York?

In New York, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is highly regarded, especially for those dedicated to mastering the Meisner Technique. Our reputation for developing incredibly professional and well-trained actors is why the most important agencies and agents send their actors to us.

Known for its intensive and comprehensive actor training, the studio has established a reputation for producing well-trained, professional actors who excel in both theater and film. 

This includes notable artists like Piper Perabo, Isha Blaaker, Jaina Lee Ortiz, and Toby Sandeman. Their success underscores the studio’s status as a premier institution for aspiring actors.

Do most successful actors go to acting school?

Most successful actors have attended acting schools to hone their skills. Institutions like the Maggie Flanigan Studio have trained numerous actors who have achieved significant success in theater and film. 

However, a handful of actors find success through other routes like workshops, self-study, and practical experience. 

Acting school can provide a structured learning environment and valuable industry connections, but individual talent, dedication, and hard work also play crucial roles in an actor’s success.

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