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Audition Techniques – The Jaded Auditor

Jaded behavior on the part of those conducting the auditions is an opportunity for the Meisner trained actor, not a hindrance. When you see auditors in this condition one aspect of your auditioning technique should be to see this as your chance to wake up the room and remind everyone why they are there. They are there to find a true artist, that one talented individual that will make their production a wildly successful hit.

It is your job to guide them into seeing the words on the page as so much more than mere words. Part of your auditioning technique must be to remind them that what is happening in the silence between lines is as important as the dialogue. Remind them that the dialogue is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the complexity of the character. Remind them that acting is an art that elevates the most human aspects of the story and reminds us all of who we are. Your auditioning technique should be to remind them of all of this in a few short pages.

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