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Meisner Acting – Depth and Truthfulness from Literature

Great English literature has engrossing characters, beautifully orchestrated plot points and most important, the English language in all its glory. Lilting phrases, gorgeous vocabulary and dialogue, each book presenting a unique rhythm and view of the world. Master works of literature are spell binding tales, spun in such as way as to mesmerize readers for decades, sometimes centuries. This power the writer had to take simple words on a page and arrange them in such a fashion that the work has lived on, influenced our culture forever, is incredible. This is an art form worth absorbing for any actor.

Imagine then, taking on a part that calls for a particular experience along with a multi layered, complex emotional response. If you have taken the time to read lots of great literature, chances are there is a character than can inform the role. If you spent time with that character, immersed yourself mentally in their journey you will have a lot of deep material to draw from.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is the best Meisner acting studio in NYC for serious actors. To learn more about the two year acting program you can visit the studio website or call the studio at (917) 794-3878.

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