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Having A Charismatic Personality Is Part of Your Acting Instrument

Physical expression, when mastered, has given us the likes of Jim Carrey, John Wayne and Jodie Foster. Actors that have an ability to develop and project strong physical characteristics to express character can handle any role. Going one step deeper as an actor means learning how to alter how they move and express themselves truthfully in a physical way to portray character.

Expressing emotions physically is a complex thing and goes far beyond facial expression or developing a way of walking, for example. The art of becoming a character in a physical way is an incredible challenge, but it also means existing in a physical way in a newly created physical space. A great actor is one who has not only mastered the art of physical space and expression but can use it to reflect all other aspects of the instrument. Working hard to develop strong physical abilities will make you more timeless as an actor and more versatile. Charisma, and a strong presence onstage or on camera is important but, it may not be enough to get you the most challenging parts. Learning to create the physical aspects of a character, and using it to enrich the other elements of the actors instrument, will get you the work you desire.

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