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Why Being A Physical Actor May Not Be Enough – Actors Instrument

Actors need to be aware of their unique physical nature and the physical nature of characters and not confuse the two. Physical expression and habits of physical movement is an aspect of acting that Meisner acting in nyc looks to examine and use to create character. Movements onstage in a theater piece are very different than movements that are right for the camera. Actors who stand out are those who can call up various forms of physical expression and alter them to create a character.

Personality actors can be very successful, translating a personality they have developed into many characters over the course of their careers. Give it some quick thought and a list of 10 or 15 actors who fall into this category will quickly come to mind. Developing a charismatic personality, one that intrigues an audience is an important aspect of the instrument. Many great actors have mastered going beyond that to layer onto that charismatic personality many physical characteristics that completely alter their movement, posture, arm gestures facial expressions–they literally become the character. The list of actors that have mastered this would include Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day Lewis, just to name a few.

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