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101 Things You Need To Know Before Your Audition

Commercial Acting 101 (101 Things You Need To Know Before Your Audition) taught by commercial veteran Bill Coelius, is the product of his experience acting in over 40 national commercials, and auditioning on a weekly basis in today’s market. From slate to set, Bill shares a carefully crafted game plan that will help you book and shoot that national commercial. Bill presents a myriad of skills, strategies and trade secrets that will turn your beliefs about yourself and the industry inside-out. Commercial Acting 101 covers everything from the mundane to the mystical. Does how you sign in affect your chances of booking the job? Are there things you can do while walking off set to ensure a future job? Are there absolute rules about acting that will help you book a national commercial? Can you work fearlessly, and truly enjoy every audition? Commercial Acting 101 will explain why all of those questions are answered with a definite YES!


WHEN: June 25th-26th 6pm-10pm
WHERE: Maggie Flanigan Studio, 153 W 27th Street, Suite 809
COST: $200
CONTACT: or call (917) 794-3878

Bio: Bill Coelius is a working actor teacher of Commercial Acting 101 (101 Things You Need To Know Before Your Audition). Bill has booked over 40 national commercials and enjoys a varied career in theater, movies and television. His recent television appearances include Modern Family, Parks and Rec, The Office and Desperate Housewives. He is based in Los Angeles, and teaches his class across the country.


Bill Coelius Reel from 6-8-10 Productions on Vimeo.


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