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Becoming A Serious Actor Includes Developing A Physical Presence

Every actor has their own unique physical way of expressing themselves and an awareness of the physical space around them. Actors who study Meisner in nyc learn how to explore their physical expressions, habits and non verbal behavior and subvert of convert that into good performances. Theater requires a different movement technique than physical expression for film. An actor needs to adjust for any situation and have a huge repertoire of physical expressions techniques memorized.

Personality actors can be very successful, translating a personality they have developed into many characters over the course of their careers. Give it some quick thought and a list of 10 or 15 actors who fall into this category will quickly come to mind. An actor can become extremely successful by learning how to create and channel a charismatic personality, by using both internal and external components of the instrument. Many great actors have mastered going beyond that to layer onto that charismatic personality many physical characteristics that completely alter their movement, posture, arm gestures facial expressions–they literally become the character. Think of award winners Meryl Streep, Daniel Day Lewis or Johnny Depp.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio provides acting classes in NYC for serious actors. Find out more about meisner acting at the studio website or read this article about emotional memory.

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