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Intuitive Meisner Training and Spiritual Alchemy

The Meisner Summer Acting Intensive is a six week training program for actors who are interested in learning more about the Meisner Technique. In this interview with Logan Miller Kiesz talks about what it has been like training at the studio after already having professional acting roles.

Miller Kiesz talks about what it has been like training at the studio after already having professional acting roles

Meisner Summer Intensive Miller Kiesz – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Meisner Summer Intensive Interview – Miller Kiesz

Miller Kiesz: In 2019. I landed a role I didn’t realize I would have much of a connection till I got it. I was cast in “9:00 to 5:00” with a theater company I started with. That was the first time I ever truly connected to a character in a highly personal way. What Doralee, Dolly Parton’s character, goes through is very similar to what I experienced, mainly just the sexualization as a woman.


"If you are looking to learn a new skill, to understand the Meisner Technique, and to work hard at it, this is the place to study."

Miller KieszStudent, Summer Acting Program

Playing that role and stepping into myself taught me how to step into a more defensive, not defensive, but powerful stance in my life. I took so many things from that role. That’s when I realized acting wasn’t only a healing experience for the masses who see it. It wasn’t just a healing experience for the audience. It’s also highly healing for the actors because I will never forget that role, and I still carry memorabilia with me today. I have something in my backpack from it, so.

Q: Did you study acting in college or at any time before the Meisner Summer Intensive?

A: I have studied acting, yes. I started acting around when I was about 10. I did not go to a college program. I was scheduled to right before the pandemic hit, but then I decided to come to New York and figure out the industry. That’s when I wanted to network and try different acting studios. So since 2019, when I graduated from high school and got out of the professional world, my main goal has been studying as many different conservatories and programs as possible, meeting as many other people as possible, and learning from as many different people as possible.

Q: What made you decide to take the Summer Intensive?

A: Because I didn’t go to a college program, it’s been up to me to learn how to act independently. I realized that I didn’t have the American classical techniques of acting down. I don’t know Method, Meisner, I didn’t know any of that. So it was my goal this summer. I wanted to buckle down. I have yet to line up anything this summer. I want to meet new people, start at a new conservatory or studio, and learn a acting technique.

I applied to three or four other conservatories. Then, by a friend that goes to NYU, I was recommended this as a top pick just from the success that the teachers at NYU have experienced, the students at NYU have experienced, and the feedback. If you hear about a studio more than once, you should go to it. So I listened to my gut and friends, and I’m thrilled with my choice to come here.

Q: Before starting, did you know what the training would look like?

A: I can’t say I had an exact expectation. I came in as fresh as possible about it. Mainly because having the interview with Charlie, it was nice to see him meet him, but I wanted to know how he worked. So I wouldn’t say I like putting expectations on people. I wanted to come as fresh as possible, which I’m glad I did because a big part of this training, especially with the intensive, is we’re starting fresh. So come in; I don’t care about your acting experience because we’re going on a new journey together.

Q: What was the most challenging part for you?

A: The most challenging part is unlearning everything that we’ve learned thus far. When you’re not in a group of people continuously training with each other, it’s straightforward to avoid getting into the nitty-gritty of what’s going on and the expectation of diving into that whole experience. It was just understanding how our activities will work and what coming to life means because we all have these preexisting expectations, especially with prior training on the end goal.

Here we were, coming in and just diving into that together. Let go of our expectations and just live and be with each other. New experiences formed all of us, especially those with prior experience, but it was ultimately refreshing.

Q: What would you say surprised you the most?

A: I am an extremely spiritual person. In all my training thus far, we have worked intuitively in our bodies. However, it has never been as head on the nail as here. Every time I walk into Charlie’s class, Faye’s class, or Midori’s class, I have an authentic experience, and it’s because I genuinely feel seen especially voice. I like the voice program here, how all the types line up, and how perfectly going from acting to worrying about defending myself.

Then walking into movement, we’re working on the root chakra, and then we get to voice, and we’re like, “Okay, we’re working on the root chakra. What’s this weird feeling in my stomach, and what’s it connected to?”

Everything aligned so perfectly; it allowed me to have the experience and knock down the walls I’ve built up and be made aware of them, which is also new. So I think it’s incredible how perfectly lined up this program is.

Meisner Intensive Miller Kiesz Interview – Maggie Flanigan Studio New York, NY

Q: How has the experience been different for you here at MFS, Maggie Flanigan Studio, compared to those other things that you’ve done?

A: I would go back similarly with intuitive teaching. Intuitive teaching with the teachers seeing you and your challenges, individual blocks we face. The teachers are deeply connected to the students and their experiences. There must be a right or wrong outcome of what a scene’s supposed to be or what revelations we’re supposed to have. It is purely based on us, what we’re going through, and the teachers see that. I’m very grateful to have teachers where you come in every day, and they’re just excited to see your progress as you are to be having it.

Q: Why would you tell another actor to think about the Meisner Summer Intensive?

A: It’s worth the money, I’ll tell you that. If you want to train rigorously and do an intensive program where you see the results, I recommend this one. You have to be serious to go into it. If you’re not, I wouldn’t recommend you the program. If you are looking to, I want to learn a new skill, I want to understand the technique, I want to work hard at it, and this is the place for that. If you are half but*** the program, it won’t work. If you’re trying to be sincere and if you’re trying to get things done, this is the perfect place for that because you’re going to be busy.

Q: Is there anything you’re dying to share that I did not ask you?

A: I love the faculty. I enjoy the people that work here, especially Medori. I have found so much success with how the voice program is set up here and how well it works with acting. The open line of communication too between the teachers. Knowing that Charlie and Medori, and Sarah Faye are all working together to understand us better. Also, we’re not pushed to have a revelation. It happens when we need to, and we’re not put in any uncomfortable situations we’re not ready for, which also would go along with intuitive teaching, which is fantastic.

Meisner FAQ Section

  1. Q: What is the Meisner Technique?
    A: The Meisner Technique is an approach to acting developed by Sanford Meisner that focuses on truthful, moment-to-moment reactions and emotional connections between actors. 
  2. Q: How does the Meisner Summer Intensive differ from other acting programs?
    A: The Meisner Summer Intensive offers a comprehensive exploration of the Meisner Technique, including Voice, movement, and intuitive teaching, allowing actors to have an authentic and transformative experience. 
  3. Q: What are the benefits of studying the Meisner Technique?
    A: Studying the Meisner Technique can help actors develop a deeper connection to their characters, enhance their emotional range, and improve their overall performance skills. 
  4. Q: Who is Miller Kiesz?
    A: Miller Kiesz is an actor who has studied various acting techniques and conservatories. He shares his experience with the Meisner Summer Intensive program in this blog post.

Meisner Summer Intensive

Meisner Summer Intensive Applications

Learn more about the programs and acting classes at the studio ( by visiting the acting programs page on the studio website. Acceptance to the studio begins with the online application and includes an in-person interview with Charlie Sandlan, Students who have questions can call (917) 794-3878.

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