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Leading Meisner Summer Intensive: Christina Mavronas Interview

The Meisner Summer Intensive at the Maggie Flanigan Studio is regarded by many people to be the most respected Meisner Training Program in the U.S. In this interview, Christina Mavronas discusses her experience in the summer acting program.

Meisner Summer Intensive 2017 Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

Leading Meisner Summer Intensive 2017 Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

What did you think it meant to train as an actor before you started the six week Meisner Summer Intensive?

I had no idea; I didn’t know what to expect. When you think about acting like, “How am I going to memorize the lines and working with a partner.” I had a difficult time trying to figure out what am I going to do that means I’m going to have to train. There’s nothing tangible that you can train with, you’re your own person, you’re up there. It’s like as if you’re naked. It was just really hard to think how am I supposed to train as an actor. I didn’t know what to expect, and that’s what was just driving me crazy.

What happened during the six weeks Summer Intensive that changed your perspective on training in acting?

I became more honest with myself, I wasn’t as afraid to fail. I wasn’t as scared to walk into something unknown. Before I was kind of with a flashlight in the dark and not knowing which way to go. That’s scary but with that in addition to realizing — it’s a lot of work. I am going to work and then rehearsing even on the weekends, it’s not just talent. If you have a desire and you work hard and you just trust yourself, everything falls into place.

What did you learn about yourself that was a surprise?

I don’t know if this is the right word, but I’m a little too modest with myself. I don’t give myself maybe enough credit. Growing up I always thought an artist was someone that jumped out of bed and just knew it right away and just screamed like, “I want to act,” or, “I’m going to be on Broadway,” or, “I’m going just to paint and sing.” I wasn’t like that, I liked a little bit of everything, and I wanted to explore. I think that enough again made me realize that I am an artist and I do want to be an actor.


"I became more honest with myself during the Summer Intensive. I wasn't afraid to fail and I felt like I was in very safe hands."

Christina MavronasSummer Intensive Review

How would you describe Charlie Sandlan as a teacher?

He’s awesome, he is. He’s so nurturing but he’s also a bada**, he will hit you on the head when you need to be brought back to reality. There are times where you lose track and you just maybe aren’t as truthful to yourself, or you lose the way and everything, and he’ll bring you back. What I love about him is he lights up, his whole body, his face just wakes up when he watches students, and he teaches us. It’s beautiful to see someone have that much passion in what they do and it’s very reassuring. I feel like — we all did, we all felt like we were in very safe hands. That’s great.

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