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The Meisner Summer Intensive (2022)

The Maggie Flanigan Studio announces the Meisner Summer Intensive for 2022. This post briefly describes the six-week summer acting program.

charlie sandlan introducing the summer intensive for 2022

Meisner Summer Intensive New York NY – Maggie Flanigan Studio

I’m excited to announce that we are taking applications for our six-week Meisner Summer Intensive. There’s a reason why we have a reputation as the best summer intensive program in the United States. If you are interested in discovering what professional acting training is, you are curious about the Meisner technique. You want to get a taste of what that is, if you’re going to get a real sense of what professional actor training is, if you want that kind of questions answered for you, the six-week Meisner intensive is perfect for that.

You’ll get the beginning of Meisner’s work in the first two months of the training in six weeks. First, you’re going to do scene work. You’re going to learn how to improvise your way through a piece of material. You’re going to learn how to become more present, a better listener, get the attention off yourself onto another person, get out of your head, get into your heart, and be spontaneous. All of that can happen in six weeks.

Six-Week Meisner Summer Intensive

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Learn more about the six-week Meisner Summer Intensive at Maggie Flanigan Studio by visiting the studio website ( Students who have questions about the program should call (917) 794-3878.

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