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Meisner Summer Intensive Begins June 9

Registration still open for six-week program focusing on craft and fundamentals

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UPDATED: April 26th, New York NY

The door is closing on registration for this year’s Meisner Summer Intensive, delivered by the Maggie Flanigan Studio, New York City’s home for the serious actor. The program is an appropriately challenging introduction to the Meisner Technique that fits the first two months of instruction into a six-week frame. More information about this high-caliber program and the expectations of its esteemed instructors is available on the studio’s NYC website: Meisner Summer Intensive. The intensive begins on June 9 and runs through July 21.

“Our enrollment is small and applicants are hand-selected for the Meisner Summer Intensive,” says Charlie Sandlan, executive director and head of acting at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. “The result is quality, personalized instruction that can help actors reconnect with their craft. Actors at the beginning of their careers can also benefit from the program by enriching their vocabulary and spending time with experienced peers.”

The six-week Meisner technique training program intensive is perfect for current undergraduates, professional actors looking to refresh the fundamentals, or those truly considering the idea of committing to the two-year acting program. The summer acting program also offers classes in Voice, Movement, Playwriting, Nutrition, Anatomy, On-Camera and Film History.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio has earned acclaim as an elite actor training program. The studio emphasizes the Meisner Technique, developed by professional actor Sanford Meisner in the first half of the 20th century. The technique is a progression of sophisticated exercises, each one building on previously established concepts. Improvisation, personalization and spontaneity are core competencies. The aim of the Meisner Technique is to encourage instinctive rather than conscious responses to scenarios and interactions. The emphasis on action more so than thought has drawn comparisons to Method Acting, although there are significant differences between the two.

During the Meisner Summer Intensive, students will concentrate on three essential areas: listening and personal point of view; crafting and the imagination; and freedom and spontaneity with text. The ability to truly, actively listen is regarded as the foundation upon which good technique is built. Listening informs the spontaneous impulse that transforms workmanlike performance into something inspirational. Lessons focusing on crafting and spontaneity will instill the value of personalized, authentic performances. Additional elements of the Meisner Summer Intensive include playwriting, film history, anatomy, nutrition, movement and voice.


"We intentionally keep our enrollment small. Applicants are carefully selected for the Meisner Summer Intensive."

Charlie SandlanExecutive Director, Head of Acting

“Talent is only one part of the equation in a successful acting career. Serious actors need to find a training program where work ethic, intellectual curiosity and professional accountability are non-negotiable,” remarks Artistic Director and Master Teacher Maggie Flanigan. “The demands of the craft are high, and few acting intensives can deliver the quality of instruction we offer in only six weeks. Over the course of the summer, students will ultimately learn to get out of their own heads and discover the truth within their own performances.”

Founded in 2001, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has been a proving ground for countless professional actors, many going on to build strong careers in film, television and theater. Successful alumni include Michael Oberholtzer (“The Americans,” “Insidious,” “Law & Order”), Piper Perabo (“House M.D.,” “The Prestige,” “Coyote Ugly”) and Eden Marryshow (“Boardwalk Empire,” “Nurse Jackie”). Previous students have heaped praise on the studio’s dedication to training the “entire artist.”

“I was always scared to act and worried that I would go through a professional training program like this and still be scared,” explains former student Phil Portolano. “I learned at this studio the fundamentals of acting that most places do not teach. I know how to work as an actor and I’m confident in my abilities that I’ve gained from this place.”

About Maggie Flanigan Studio

2017 meisner summer intensive begins

Meisner Summer Intensive 2017 Maggie Flanigan (917) 794-3878

We are proud to be NYC’s most respected professional actor training program. We welcome aspiring actors interested in going the distance with themselves; risk-takers who want to feel safe, nurtured, and yet pushed in a way they could have never imagined in order to fulfill their fullest artistic potential. Executive Director Charlie Sandlan and all of the faculty approach every day honored to be the caretakers of Maggie Flanigan’s artistic vision.

Charlie Sandlan, Executive Director and Head of Acting
Maggie Flanigan Studio
147 W. 25th St. 5th Floor
New York, New York 10001
(917) 794-3878

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