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What are the Best Acting Studios NYC has to offer?

New York City is the ultimate challenge for actors. It is a place where everyone aims to showcase their talent. 

When looking for the best acting studios (NYC), you’ll find that the Maggie Flanigan Studio is highly rated and reviewed.

What makes the Maggie Flanigan Studio and its NYC acting classes stand out from the crowd?

Maggie Flanigan is a place that doesn’t just teach you how to act but challenges you to dig deeper—to find the truth in your performance that resonates on a personal level. Under the leadership of seasoned professionals, you will be trained not only to act but also to conduct yourself as a serious artist.

Whether this studio is the right choice for you, and whether you’re ready to embrace the challenge and intensity of becoming a professional actor, will be determined by some deep reflection, and the decision to roll the dice on yourself and pursue your dream.

If you’re up for this journey, continue reading, and we’ll discuss precisely what awaits you at our NYC acting studio.

Key Takeaways

  • Deeply rooted in the authentic, emotionally rich Meisner Technique, the Maggie Flanigan Studio sets the standard in NYC for professional actor training.
  • The Maggie Flanigan Studio ensures personalized training and profound artistic growth with its nurturing environment and small class sizes.
  • Offering a comprehensive curriculum, our acting studio is the go-to for actors serious about transforming their passion into a successful career.

Maggie Flanigan Studio: A Cut Above the Rest

Students walking at the corridor of Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Within the dynamic and highly competitive acting community of New York City, the Maggie Flanigan Studio distinguishes itself with its high artistic standards and quality of teaching.

Our acting studio is where the art of acting is deeply respected, thoroughly investigated, and taught with a level of dedication and authenticity that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio stands out as the prime choice for serious actors intent on establishing a long, and substantial professional career.

Emphasis on the Meisner Technique

The Meisner Technique isn’t just an element of our acting classes, it’s the core of our curriculum. 

Developed by Sanford Meisner in the 1930s, this distinguished acting technique is meticulously designed to cultivate authenticity and emotional depth in actors, setting our acting school apart from the plethora of acting studios in NYC. 

The bedrock of our program begins with Acting 1, the first year of the Meisner Technique. This year focuses on the fundamentals of acting and is rooted in Meisner’s repetition exercise and the independent activity. 

This exercise instills in the actor the ability to get out of their heads, into their hearts, and onto their spontaneous impulses. Listening is the bedrock of acting, and this first year trains the actor to be fully present, in the moment, responding with empathy and vulnerability. 

Our accurate and detailed approach to the Meisner acting technique fosters our students’ ability to listen and respond with authenticity and spontaneity. This is the core training that will ultimately allow our students to pursue a professional career with confidence. 

Our rigorous conservatory approach to acting training also includes classes in script analysis, voice, movement, theater history, film history, breathwork, cold reading, and on-camera auditioning. MFS standards and curriculum is similar to that of the top MFA programs in the United States.

This method of training fosters acting that’s refreshingly honest, authentic, and spontaneous. This is a big reason why our actors stand out from the hacks that do not possess any craft or process. 

The Meisner Technique is also embraced for its use of the imagination. The first year of training teaches the actor how to truthfully do with the independent activity, and how to harness the ability to daydream in emotional preparation, both integral skills for an actor.

Comprehensive Actor Training

Students taking on-camera technique classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

If you’re eyeing an acting career in the vibrant heart of New York City, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is considered the gold standard of professional acting training. MFS is the most recommended studio amongst the top agents, managers, and casting directors in the business.

Our Six Week Summer Intensive is a full immersion into the first 18 classes of the Meisner Technique. Designed to give you an introduction to professional acting training in a short period, our summer programs are perfect for anyone from undergraduate students and working professionals to international actors looking to spend a summer in NYC.

This summer program also offers a full conservatory menu of classes for anyone interested in experiencing an intense training experience.

Our Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) is a full two-year, comprehensive curriculum, that covers every angle from the Meisner Technique to voice, movement, theater history, film history, script analysis, cold reading, breathwork, and on-camera auditioning.

This conservatory program is designed to transform aspiring actors into well-rounded professionals, equipping each one to face the demands of both stage and screen. 

For those looking to bridge the gap between artistic training and industry success, our optional third-year Professional Actor Business Program will demystify the business side of acting. 

Our business program will supply you with headshots, a professional website, and a demo reel shot with REELARC. Our students will also work with a life coach, financial coach, branding consultant, and social media expert. 

The program also includes classes in cold reading, self-taping, auditioning skills, and the art of taking meetings. The program culminates in two months of auditions with the top casting directors, agents, and managers in the business.

Industry-Respected Faculty

Emmy Award winner Erin Cherry teaching monologue and cold reading classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Aside from our extensive range of programs, the Maggie Flanigan Studio also stands out for the caliber of our faculty. Led by Artistic Director & Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan, our team comprises well-respected industry professionals dedicated to nurturing the next generation of talent.

From Emmy Award winner Erin Cherry to Broadway veterans such as Dariush Kashani, our instructors bring a wealth of real-world, practical experience to the classroom. 

This unique blend of professional achievement and passionate teaching ensures that our students receive personalized feedback, training, and mentorship needed to navigate the complexities of a professional acting career.

Whether it’s cold reading with Erin Cherry, on-camera technique with Mackenzie Lansing, or combat skills with Jayme Woj, our programs are designed to address the multifaceted demands of the acting industry.  

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we’re doing more than just training actors to act. Our studio, with its team of exceptional teachers, offers programs that will prepare you to succeed in the competitive world of professional acting.

Supportive Community

At the heart of Maggie Flanigan Studio’s success is our vibrant, supportive community that fosters both personal and professional growth.

We’ve cultivated a diverse environment that goes beyond just attending acting classes in NYC. MFS is about community, about being part of a nurturing family where every actor’s journey is valued.

This is reflected in our classrooms, which are designed to be intimate learning environments. Unlike other schools, they’re not overcrowded spaces where students might feel just like another face in the crowd. 

It is this collaborative atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support that’s crucial for the often intense journey of personal and artistic development. This sense of community transforms our studio from a mere NYC acting school into a home for serious actors.

Prioritizes Personalized Training Over Mass Instruction

We firmly believe that the power of quality training is more important than becoming a factory where students are just dollar signs. This is why our philosophy is built on the foundation of meticulous attention to detail and personalized mentorship.

Understanding that true growth as an actor and artist comes from focused, individualized attention and feedback, we deliberately keep our class sizes small, with a cap of 12-16 students. 

With this deliberate choice, we can ensure that every participant in our acting class, whether they’re enrolled in part-time acting classes, specialized workshops, or the intensive Professional Actor Training Program, receives the in-depth guidance and support necessary to truly develop their craft.

Flexible Program Options for Aspiring Actors

Our studio recognizes the varied schedules and commitments of our students, which is why we provide adaptable part-time and full-time acting program options. 

Our part-time acting programs are specifically designed for individuals who are trying to balance their day job, family, and other responsibilities. These acting classes allow them to engage in our quality training with a reduced class load that fits their busy lives.

For those who have more time to dedicate to their craft, our full-time conservatory programs, including the immersive summer intensive, provide an all-encompassing curriculum. 

These programs offer students the chance to delve into a broad spectrum of subjects such as Voice, Movement, Combat, Playwriting, Film History, Theater History, Script Analysis, and On-Camera Auditioning. It also facilitates a comprehensive and deep understanding of the art of acting. 

Whether you’re an aspiring actor or a working actor looking to fully immerse yourself in the craft, the Maggie Flanigan Studio offers tailored schedules to meet your individual needs.

How Do You Find the Perfect Acting Studio?

Movement classes with Tina Mitchell.

Choosing the right acting studio is more than just picking a name out of a hat. This is all about finding a home that aligns with your unique goals, learning style, and aspirations for your acting career. 

With numerous acting schools scattered throughout New York City, the quest for the ideal match might appear overwhelming. 

But don’t worry. By adopting a targeted approach, you can discover a studio or acting school that truly aligns with your artistic aspirations.

Zero in on Your Passion 

The first step in selecting the ideal acting studio or acting school for your journey involves a deep dive into what truly ignites your passion for acting. 

If you understand that acting is an art form, if you have a vision of the kind of artist you want to be, then a serious acting program could be just what you need. 

No one will take you seriously if you do not take yourself seriously first. Great artists master their instruments, and if that resonates with you, then an NYC acting school like the Maggie Flanigan Studio is the perfect choice. 

Whether you’re intrigued by method acting or comprehensive acting programs like the Meisner Technique, identifying the focus of your approach to acting is the first essential step.

By matching a studio’s curriculum to your specific interests, you can find a training program that aligns with your goals, fuels your passion, and prepares you for a successful professional acting career.

Experience the Studio Firsthand

Wondering if an acting studio aligns with your dreams and goals? There’s no better strategy than experiencing it firsthand. 

The best acting schools and studios, like the Maggie Flanigan Studio, welcome potential students to explore their space through personalized tours or sneak peeks at their upcoming classes and workshops. 

So make it a point to join these because this is your chance to soak in the studio’s atmosphere, understand the caliber of classroom training their actors receive, and observe the interactions that define the studio’s environment. 

Whether your heart is set on honing your skills in scene study or delving into the Meisner Technique, these sessions will give you a clear glimpse into the studio’s approach to nurturing and developing talent. 

Witnessing this firsthand can be a game-changer in choosing the right studio for your acting journey.

Talk to Insiders

Choosing the right acting school or studio means finding a place that not only challenges you but also provides a supportive environment for your journey and offers pathways to gain experience and build your career in acting.

One way to narrow down your choice is by engaging with its current students and alumni. Doing so offers unique insights into the studio’s culture, teaching methods, and the real impact it has on the careers of its actors.

For instance, if you’re considering a place renowned for its rigorous training or a specialized acting conservatory program, hearing firsthand about the challenges and support systems in place can be invaluable.

After all, your goal goes beyond mastering the craft. It’s also about finding a community that fosters growth, nurtures talent, and prepares you for the professional world. 

This includes opportunities to connect with industry professionals, casting directors, and unique performance platforms such as the Brooklyn Comedy Collective. 

Maggie Flanigan Studio: Where Serious Actors Thrive

Students enjoying the classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, we go beyond traditional acting classes by providing actors with a comprehensive and immersive training experience that addresses every facet of the craft.

Thanks to our dedicated focus on the Meisner Technique, coupled with specialized classes in script analysis, on-camera acting, voice, movement, breathwork, cold reading, film history, and theater history, actors are not only trained to perform but are capable of creating organic, vivid, fully realized human behavior.

So whether you’re an emerging talent seeking to make your mark in the competitive acting industry or a working actor aiming to deepen your craft, our studio offers the tools, guidance, and supportive community you need to achieve your goals.

Ready to take the next step towards realizing your dreams in acting? 

Then call us today to learn more about our upcoming classes and workshops and how you can experience firsthand the difference our personalized training, small class sizes, and industry-respected faculty can make in your journey as an actor. 


The Maggie Flanigan Studio truly stands out in the bustling world of NYC acting studios, thanks to our comprehensive and rigorous training programs deeply rooted in the Meisner Technique. 

What sets our studio apart is our dedication to cultivating authentic, emotionally rich performances and also our vibrant, supportive community that fosters both personal and professional growth. 

Here, actors find more than just acting classes. It is here where they discover a nurturing environment that encourages them to take creative risks, delve deeply into their craft, and grow as artists. 

It is this unique blend of intensive training, personalized attention, and a warm, encouraging community that makes the Maggie Flanigan Studio a top choice for those serious about pursuing excellence in acting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NYC a good place for acting?

Yes, New York City is an excellent place for acting. Renowned as a global arts hub, it offers a wealth of opportunities in theater, film, and television. 

Its vibrant acting community, diverse casting calls, and prestigious acting schools like the Maggie Flanigan Studio make it an ideal setting for actors to hone their craft and pursue their dreams.

Is LA or NYC better for acting?

The choice between LA and NYC for acting depends on your personal feelings about each city. Both LA and NYC are incredible cities for any serious actor. But when it comes to professional training, there is no question that the best acting training in the country resides in NYC.

LA is the heart of the film and television industry, offering numerous opportunities for on-camera work. In contrast, NYC is celebrated for its rich theater scene and esteemed acting conservatories, making it a preferred choice for those passionate about stage acting and rigorous training programs.

For those who are passionate about film and television, either NYC or LA is a perfect place to establish a vibrant screen career.

What is the most prestigious acting school in New York?

Among the most prestigious acting schools in New York, the Maggie Flanigan Studio stands out for its commitment to the Meisner Technique and its reputation for fostering serious actors. 

With a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes emotional authenticity and a supportive community, it’s a top choice for actors seeking in-depth professional training in the heart of New York City.

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