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Mastering the Scene: A Guide to Summer Film Acting Programs


Step into Maggie Flanigan Studio’s vibrant realm of summer film acting programs, where each session is a journey toward mastering your craft. 

These serious summer acting programs are not mere amateur diversions. This is an intensive, professional NYC acting program designed for university students and young actors determined to elevate their skills in on-camera acting and beyond and turn their passion for the cinematic arts into a professional reality. 

Whether you’re a current undergraduate student or an international actor coming to NYC for a summer of serious actor training, your path to dramatic excellence starts now. Get ready to explore a world where your acting dreams take center stage.

Key Takeaways

  • Maggie Flanigan Studio offers a transformative artistic experience,   with nuanced on-camera training, ensuring every student from novice to advanced finds a resonant path.
  • The studio provides world-class training in the Meisner Technique, including scene study, and camera acting, all curated by dedicated professionals for personal and artistic growth.
  • Catering to a broad spectrum of experience levels and interests, our acting intensives are designed to enhance actors’ abilities to illuminate the human condition through solid craft and technique.

Understanding Summer Film Acting Programs

A class at Maggie Flanigan Studio headed by Acting Director Charlie Sandlan

Our summer film acting programs are transformative incubators of talent that merge rigorous acting techniques with the nuanced demands of on-camera performance. 

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that spans the essential aspects of the performing arts. From the intense focus of scene study to the technicalities of camera acting, our students engage in world-class training curated by dedicated practitioners and seasoned professionals. 

Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of experience levels, we ensure that every student, from the novice to the more advanced actor, finds a path that resonates with their creative vision.

Whether you’re interested in the vibrant energy of musical theater, or the disciplined craft of modern realism, our summer film acting programs offer a diverse range of subjects. 

Our summer Meisner intensive consists of the first 18 classes of the training, focusing on the core fundamentals of acting. This includes getting out of your head, responding with spontaneity, and fully present in the moment, and listening with empathy and vulnerability. 

Exploring Maggie Flanigan Studio’s Summer Program

Students watching a film during film history class.

Maggie Flanigan Studio’s summer programs transcend typical NYC acting classes, offering an immersive exploration into the demanding world of professional acting. 

These summer sessions, centered around the esteemed Meisner Technique, are tailored to seriously interested students, revealing the depth and intensity of true conservatory training.

Summer Conservatory: Immersive Professional Acting Training

Our summer conservatory offers a comprehensive and intensive training experience for those deeply passionate about acting. 

Kicking off on June 10th, 2024, our intensive program lasts for six weeks and allows our students to get a taste of what serious, conservatory training should be. 

This summer program is meticulously structured to introduce and immerse actors in the foundational principles of the Meisner Technique within a rigorous conservatory setting. This makes this training a perfect stage for college students, international actors, and aspiring creatives aiming to build a solid base for their acting journey.

Central to the conservatory is the Meisner Technique, renowned for its emphasis on emotional truth and authentic moment-to-moment responses. 

Over six weeks, students learn the initial stages of this technique, setting a solid foundation for creating organic human behavior. On top of that, this valuable training also equips students with other skills which they will learn through the following courses:

  • Intro to Movement & Intro to Voice. Recognizing the significance of the actor’s physical movement and vocal instrument, these courses are tailored to enhance control and vocal strength. Such training is vital, allowing actors to embody their roles fully and deliver performances brimming with depth and authenticity.
  • On-Camera & Playwriting. Going beyond basic acting techniques, these specialized courses are designed to broaden the skill set of our students. On-camera acting sharpens their performance through the camera lens, a crucial skill in today’s film and television-dominated industry. Meanwhile, playwriting offers insights into crafting compelling narratives, enriching their understanding and capability in storytelling.
  • Film and Stage Combat. Physicality is often a significant aspect of performance, and this course ensures that students are well-prepared for the physical demands of certain roles. Covering techniques from hand-to-hand combat to weapon handling, the training emphasizes realism, precision, and, most importantly, safety.
  • Film History. Understanding the past is crucial for any artist, and this course offers a sweeping overview of the last 100 years of filmmaking. Learning dates and names is just part of it. This course is about understanding the evolution of cinematic storytelling and appreciating the works and visionaries that have shaped the industry.

Six-Week Meisner Only Intensive: Harnessing the Craft

Our prestigious acting studio also offers the Meisner Only Intensive, a program specifically designed for students interested in diving deep into Meisner’s acting technique. 

Unlike your typical two-week session or five-week program, this intensive stretches over six weeks, ensuring students receive comprehensive training akin to our full-year curriculum.

Expect this intensive to be an immersive journey into the Meisner Technique, renowned for its focus on emotional truth and authenticity in performance. Students enrolled in this training engage with the discipline and dedication expected of the greatest practitioner, pushing their limits and discovering their potential.

The heart of this program lies in its focus on practical scene work, moving beyond theory to hands-on experience. 

Here, our students don’t just learn the Meisner Technique. They live it, applying their learning in a dynamic studio environment that mirrors the intensity of professional acting. 

As the program culminates, students find themselves not just performing but transforming, ready to illuminate modern realism with their newfound skills and creative power.

Dissecting Scripts & Developing Characters

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, our summer intensives emphasize the crucial art of working with text. For students, especially university students and international actors committed to the performing arts, understanding the motivation behind a character’s actions is fundamental.

In our specifically designed program, we delve beyond surface-level understanding, encouraging students to dissect scripts and unearth the core of the narrative. 

Memorizing lines is just a small part of acting. This course is about engaging with the text deeply and personally, allowing students to bring characters to life with authentic and emotionally resonant performances.

This rigorous training, often a part of master classes and guest workshops with seasoned professionals, ensures that each student learns acting in a way that’s both intellectually engaging and artistically fulfilling. 

As they break down scripts, students learn how to bring their authenticity to the work, in order to find something truly original and dynamic in their acting. The best actors have the ability to illuminate the human condition, and the Maggie Flanigan Studio is dedicated to challenging our students to put their soul on the line. This is what the best artists strive to accomplish.

Enrich Your Craft with Specialized Electives

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, our summer program extends beyond the primary curriculum by offering a variety of elective classes, each designed to deepen and diversify the skill set of our actors. 

These specialized courses, tailored to complement the core training, cover essential areas such as Voice and Movement, Film History, Playwriting, Self-Tape Auditioning, and Combat for Stage and Film.

With these additional courses, Maggie Flanigan Studio ensures that actors not only refine their acting techniques but also gain a holistic understanding of the various facets of a professional acting career. 

Designed to provide a comprehensive training experience, these programs help prepare students for the diverse and dynamic demands of the professional world of theater and film.

Whether actors are looking to explore new areas of interest or strengthen their existing skills, these classes provide the depth and breadth of knowledge essential for a well-rounded and successful acting career.

Unique Features of our Studio’s Premiere Programs

Students taking movement classes.

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, you will not only learn acting. You’ll experience the full spectrum of a professional actor’s training. 

We understand that each student’s journey is unique, which is why we’ve tailored our programs to be adaptable and comprehensive, ensuring every actor receives an education that resonates with their individual needs and aspirations.

Adaptable Schedules for Diverse Needs

Our studio recognizes that some people, whether undergraduate students or working NYC actors, might have multiple summer commitments. This is why we provide both full-time and part-time options to ensure that every student has the opportunity to engage deeply in the craft. 

Full-time students are immersed in an intensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects from the intricacies of stage combat to the rich tapestry of film history. 

Part-time students, on the other hand, enjoy the flexibility to balance their passion for acting with other commitments while still gaining exposure to essential acting fundamentals.

Holistic Approach to Acting Education

Our acting studio’s philosophy goes beyond the traditional approach to acting education. We believe in a holistic approach that not only hones the craft of performance but also enriches the actor’s understanding of the broader context of the acting world. 

This means delving into the historical, cultural, and technical aspects of theater and film, providing a well-rounded education that is as comprehensive as the art form itself. 

Here, students are encouraged to explore theater history and various acting styles and techniques. This fosters a deeper appreciation and understanding of their craft. 

By learning from some of the best in the industry in a rigorous conservatory program, students receive an education that prepares them for the stage or screen, and most importantly, a lifelong journey in the arts. 

Personalized Attention

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we pride ourselves on not being a factory-like institution. 

We understand that quality education in the performing arts, especially in disciplines like musical theater and mask work, requires a personal and intimate approach. This is why we maintain small class sizes, ensuring each student receives the attention and guidance they need to flourish. 

Our philosophy is that every student deserves to be taught, not just managed, which is why you won’t find yourself lost in a crowd or receiving recycled notes from years past.

In our nurturing and safe space, college students, international actors looking to spend the summer in NYC, and those seeking to learn more about the art of acting, can fully engage with their craft without the distractions and limitations of oversized classes.

This personalized approach extends through all our programs, allowing our experienced instructors to truly understand and respond to each student’s unique needs and aspirations.

Preparing for Maggie Flanigan Studio’s Summer Program

Movement training at Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Our approach to welcoming new students into our summer programs differs significantly from many others. Instead of beginning with auditions, we prioritize understanding each individual’s motivation and commitment to the art of acting. 

This unique process commences with a personal interview with Charlie Sandlan, the Artistic Director & Master Teacher. Instead of evaluating a monologue, we’re here to delve into your reasons for pursuing acting and your dedication to mastering this craft.

Our admissions process is carefully crafted to cultivate a community of passionate and dedicated actors. So consider your one-on-one interaction with Charlie as a chance for you to articulate your artistic aspirations and for us to assess your readiness to embark on the rigorous journey that our program offers. 

Here, we value a strong personal connection from the outset, as it’s a fundamental component of your developmental journey with us. 

As you prepare to join our renowned arts program, recognized by the National Association and respected institutions like the Atlantic Acting School, we urge you to think beyond just the basic skills of acting. 

So be sure to come with an open mind, ready to question, learn, and push beyond the boundaries of your creative potential.

Crafting Your Future: Professional Training for Aspiring Actors

A teacher providing personalized attention

Our summer programs are an ideal launchpad for both aspiring and professional actors looking to deepen their craft and prepare for the realities of the acting world.

Rooted in the Meisner Technique, our intensives offer a rigorous and immersive experience, helping actors to develop a nuanced understanding of acting fundamentals, script analysis, and the emotional depth required for compelling performances. 

Whether you’re a college student exploring the world of musical theater or a seasoned professional seeking to refine your audition technique, our programs provide the skills, confidence, and industry insights necessary to excel in both stage and screen acting.

Beyond the technical training, joining us means becoming part of a vibrant community of like-minded creatives, all passionate about the performing arts. Our supportive environment fosters networking and collaboration, offering a space where actors can grow together, challenge each other, and push the boundaries of their creative potential. 

With a commitment to nurturing talent and a curriculum designed to meet the demands of the professional world, our studio is the perfect place to take your acting career to the next level. 

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey, call us today and discover how our intensives can help you achieve your dreams.


When selecting an acting program, you’re embarking on much more than a series of classes. You’re choosing a journey that can profoundly shape your acting career. 

These programs, especially at Maggie Flanigan Studio, provide a deep dive into the world of acting, offering a path to transform your passion for the craft into a professional pursuit. 

Whether it’s your debut in the world of musical theatre or an opportunity to refine your skills with the guidance of seasoned professionals, the right program serves as a catalyst for dramatic growth and development. 

As such, consider this as a pivotal moment in your acting journey, where time commitment, learning new techniques, and being part of an inspiring community all converge to unlock your potential, leading you to a successful, and sustainable, artistic career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to go to acting school?

The ideal age to start acting school varies, but young people, especially those considering a career in musical theater or film, often find that post-high school is an opportune time. 

This period allows them to explore different programs, such as five-week or six-week summer courses, where they can learn various acting techniques and decide if this is the right path for them.

How to choose the right summer program?

When selecting the right summer program, thorough research is essential. 

Ensure you’re interviewing with the artistic director and meeting the class teacher to gauge their expertise and teaching style. Visit the new studio to assess if its aesthetics and energy resonate with you. Lastly, be cautious of red flags like feeling like just a number rather than receiving genuine interest. 

Feeling confident and valued in the program is crucial for young people looking to enhance their skills, whether in musical theater or other acting disciplines. Your choice should feel like a collaborative and inspiring environment where you are taught and valued as an individual.

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