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Intensive Summer Acting Classes at Maggie Flanigan Studio, NYC


Are you searching for an extraordinary summer experience that will redefine your acting journey? Look no further.

Among the many summer acting classes offered in NYC by various schools of arts and studios, Maggie Flanigan Studio stands out as the go-to destination for high school graduates, international students, and every aspiring actor. 

Renowned for our serious summer acting programs, actors are here to experience the rigor and dynamism of professional acting training.

So whether you’re aiming for the stage or screen, our summer programs, acknowledged by the National Association of Acting Schools, provide an intensive curriculum tailored for profound artistic development.

Want to know more about our curriculum and what distinctly sets Maggie Flanigan Studio apart from other acting schools? Keep reading and explore how your passion for acting can evolve into a pursuit of excellence with us this summer.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the Meisner Technique and a conservatory approach to actor training through Maggie Flanigan Studio’s diverse range of summer courses, curated for aspiring actors.
  • Elevate your on-camera presence and playwriting process with specialized courses designed to broaden your professional acting skill set.
  • Dive deep into character and text with our intensive scene work and mask and character classes, crafting a solid foundation for your acting career.

Why Choose Summer Acting Classes NYC

A class at Maggie Flanigan Studio doing script analysis.

In the heart of the theater and film world, New York City stands as an iconic destination for actors who are serious about honing their craft. Maggie Flanigan Studio emerges as a global name of excellence, offering summer acting classes that are the gold standard of NYC acting training. 

These programs are immersive experiences that propel students into the professional world of acting. 

Choosing to participate in our summer programs means immersing yourself in rigorous training in the Meisner Acting Technique and other courses that are thoughtfully designed to cover various aspects of acting, whether stage or film. 

On top of that, our acting studio believes in creating an environment where students can explore their potential. As such, expect your journey with us to challenge your boundaries and ultimately lay the groundwork for you to have a profound and lasting career in acting.

Summer Programs Offered: Catering to Diverse Aspirations

Students of Maggie Flanigan Studio taking Movement classes

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, we understand that the journey to becoming a professional actor is unique for everyone. That’s why our summer programs in NYC are carefully crafted to cater to a wide array of aspirations and skill levels.

Our conservatory classes range from introductory courses for beginners taking their first steps in acting to advanced intensives for actors seeking to refine their craft at a higher level.

Rigorous Summer Intensive

For those aspiring actors seeking a summer program that mirrors the intensity and rigor of a full-fledged professional acting course, Maggie Flanigan Studio presents its comprehensive six-week Professional Acting Summer Program. 

This summer intensive offers an immersive exploration of the Meisner Technique, introducing you to the important fundamentals of acting. On top of that, it aims to challenge students to engage deeply, while also understanding the demands of a professional actor. We encourage our students to work with the dedication and focus of seasoned artists, mastering their instruments through a variety of rigorous classes.

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, we see each actor as a unique artist, and our curriculum is meticulously tailored to foster this perspective. Your authenticity combined with a solid work ethic can help you carve out a serious artistic career.

The program encompasses essential classes in voice and movement training, vital for clear speech and expressive physicality, and extends to specialized areas such as film and stage combat training, on-camera techniques, playwriting, and an exploration of film history. 

This well-rounded approach will both hone your acting technique and, most importantly, enrich the actor’s understanding and appreciation of the art form.

Intensive Meisner Technique Training

At the core of Maggie Flanigan Studio’s summer program is the renowned Meisner Technique, an essential pillar of our teaching philosophy and a key component of the rigorous program we offer. 

This summer acting intensive is far from being an introduction to general acting principles. Instead, it’s an immersive journey designed to deeply engage students with the complexities and demands of a professional acting career. 

For six weeks, our Meisner Technique training provides a comprehensive conservatory experience that is central to the curriculum of the most respected MFA programs in the country, such as Yale, NYU Tisch School, and Julliard.

Our summer intensives are meticulously structured to develop each actor’s authenticity, creativity, and professionalism. Students receive the first 18 classes of the first year of Meisner training, learning the core fundamentals of acting. The summer session culminates in scene work, bringing the entire first month of training to text. 

The Meisner Technique is much more than an acting repetition exercise. Students learn how to get out of their heads, into their hearts, onto their spontaneous impulses, fully present, listening with empathy, and working from their most authentic self. This is what our NYC summer acting program accomplishes for students.

Voice and Movement: The Foundations of Acting

In the realm of professional acting, mastery over one’s voice and movement forms the bedrock of a compelling performance. 

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we understand this intrinsically and, therefore, place a significant emphasis on voice and movement training in our summer intensives. 

Our voice training classes are meticulously designed to help students develop clear speech, an essential skill for actors who must ensure their words resonate with clarity and intention in the theater, on set, or in an audition room. 

By focusing on breath control, articulation, and vocal variation, we empower our actors to fully own their voice, making it a powerful instrument of their craft.

Similarly, our movement classes address the need for a pliable and responsive physical presence. Whether it’s a subtle gesture or a complex series of actions, every movement an actor makes contributes to the storytelling. 

Through various exercises, we teach our students how to harness their body’s potential, enabling them to express a wide range of emotions and characters with authenticity and precision.

For students particularly interested in musical theatre, these classes hold additional significance. 

The dynamic world of musical theater demands a unique combination of voice, dance, and acting skills. Our program provides a solid foundation in these areas, ensuring students can confidently move and sing, creating captivating performances that truly engage an audience.

On-Camera and Playwriting: Expanding Your Skill Set

Our program also extends beyond traditional boundaries to include specialized on-camera and playwriting courses. 

Designed for actors seeking to excel in both stage and film, these classes provide a richer, more comprehensive understanding of the industry. 

Our on-camera techniques class hones the specific skills needed for film acting, such as clear speech and emotional authenticity, while playwriting encourages creative expression, deepening students’ understanding of script analysis and character development. 

Tailored for a diverse range of students, from those just starting out to university actors and seasoned professionals, these courses are crucial for anyone aiming to broaden their acting technique and interested in exploring new creative avenues.

Scene Work: A Deep Dive into Character and Text

Another crucial part of our summer programs revolves around intensive scene work, forming the backbone of our actor’s education. 

Here, our students learn to bring the fundamentals of acting to scripts. Students learn how to break out of bad habits, such as adjusting to the text, line readings, emotional manipulation, and waiting for cues. Recognizing these issues, and working to eliminate them is one of the defining experiences of our Meisner summer intensive.

In our Meisner acting classes, students are encouraged to listen with empathy and respond personally in every moment, bringing their own unique interpretations to the table. They’re taught to create vivid, fully realized, human behavior.

This training is especially vital for actors looking to excel in both theater and film, where understanding and embodying the writer’s vision is paramount. 

Through various improvisation exercises, students learn to respond spontaneously, enhancing their ability to adapt and be in the moment, a skill that’s crucial for both auditions and live performances.

Build a Lifelong Acting Foundation with Maggie Flanigan Studio

Students taking on-camera training

As the seasons change from spring to summer, our students are continuously immersed in a challenging yet nurturing environment where they can grow and develop as actors. 

They leave our program not only with a better understanding of the Meisner Acting Technique but also with a foundation of skills and techniques that will serve them throughout their acting life.

Whether preparing for auditions or looking to deepen your craft, you will find that our programs will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to succeed. 

At Maggie Flanigan Studio, we don’t only teach students to act. Our goal is to teach you to bring characters and stories to life with depth, clarity, and passion.

Yearning to amplify your theatrical capabilities? Act now—contact us today and step into a space where your acting journey can be given a springboard forward.


If you’re ready to dive deep into the craft with a program that challenges your every notion of what acting is, you’ve come to the right page. 

Our summer classes in NYC delve into the complexities of scene study, sharpening your improvisation skills, and providing a thorough grounding in the Meisner Acting Technique.

This summer, step into our studio and join a community of passionate individuals, all striving toward a common goal under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

As the summer progresses, you’ll find yourself not just prepared for the upcoming fall audition season but transformed, equipped with a refined set of skills and a renewed sense of what it means to act.

Here, we’re ready to take you beyond the ordinary and help you unlock the extraordinary potential within. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in Maggie Flanigan Studio’s summer programs? 

Our programs are ideal for people ages 18 and above, including high school graduates, international students, and anyone serious about pursuing acting.

What is Maggie Flanigan Studio’s application process? 

We recognize that each actor’s journey is unique, which is why our application process is distinctly personal. This is why our application process involves a personal interview with our esteemed Artistic Director and Master Teacher, Charlie Sandlan.

During the interview, Charlie seeks to understand your motivation, your commitment to the art, and your willingness to engage in the rigorous training and hard work required.

This approach ensures that those accepted into our classes each summer are genuinely invested in their growth as artists and are ready to thrive in the challenging yet nurturing environment that Maggie Flanigan Studio is known for.

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