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Professional Actors Master their Acting “Instrument”

Actors who study the Meisner Technique are likely familiar with the term the actors instrument. Making a comparison between acting and an instrument is helpful in categorizing aspects of the acting craft and what makes a good actor. As an audience member, it becomes apparent very quickly who the good actors in a piece are or who might be falling short. They don’t need a great deal of theater going experience to sense when the acting is fantastic. They can also sense when an actors instrument is not well developed, because they don’t “believe” the character portrayal.The actors instrument as six general categories. Those elements include emotional expression, sensory expression, physical expression, empathy and intelligence. In the Meisner technique, all aspects of the actors instrument need to be addressed and considered and are essential to mastering the craft. Many actors have mastered many of the six aspects of their instrument and audiences can identify with and respond to those the most. It is the true legends, the icons of stage and screen, that have mastered all six.

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Acting Classes in NYC for Serious Artists

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