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Maggie Flanigan Studio: Premier Acting Workshops in NYC


If you’re searching through the vast array of acting workshops in NYC and looking for professional acting classes that don’t just skim the surface but dive deep, the Maggie Flanigan Studio stands out as a clear choice. 

For over two decades, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has become renowned for its deep dedication to the Meisner Technique and its focus on nurturing actors who are not only technically proficient but also capable of profound emotional accessibility.

In this blog, we’ll pull back the curtain on what makes Maggie Flanigan Studio the go-to for serious actors. From our rigorous training programs to our unique approach to teaching, you’ll get an inside look at how we prepare our students for a long professional acting career.

Key Takeaways

  • Maggie Flanigan Studio focuses on the Meisner Technique, helping actors bring authenticity, spontaneity, and real emotional depth to their performances.
  • Personalized guidance and diverse class offerings cater to actors at all levels, laying the foundation for development and achievement in the acting world.
  • The studio not only hones your craft but also connects you with the industry, building a supportive community that nurtures your acting career.

Why the Maggie Flanigan Studio Stands Out in NYC

Maggie Flanigan Studio's students taking acting classes.

Right in the heart of New York City, a place teeming with creative energy and dotted with acting studios in every neighborhood, the Maggie Flanigan Studio stands out from the crowd. 

Our studio has become the go-to spot for anyone genuinely serious about taking their acting skills to the next level. Known for delivering top-notch training that caters to both up-and-coming and seasoned actors, this studio has built a stellar reputation over the past two decades. 


By demanding a high level of commitment and hard work, while also providing personalized attention that’s hard to find elsewhere. On top of that, it also boasts a team of instructors whose experience in the field is both deep and extensive.

A Revolutionary Approach to Acting Training

At our acting studio, we pride ourselves on our revolutionary approach to professional acting training that is anchored in the Meisner Technique. 

This acting technique is the heartbeat of our curriculum, setting us apart from other acting schools and studios in the Big Apple. 

Aside from training actors to deliver technically sound performances, this method teaches actors to act with emotional depth and authenticity, embodying their roles with a genuine sense of presence and reality and making every performance memorable and impactful.

Personalized Attention for Every Actor

What truly distinguishes us from other acting schools in New York City is our dedication to ensuring that every student benefits from individualized instruction. 

With class sizes deliberately capped at 14 students, Artistic Director Charlie Sandlan, alongside our distinguished faculty, offers meticulous, one-on-one guidance that is rare to find.

This method of teaching guarantees that each actor, regardless of their experience level or background, receives the focused attention they need to fully develop their acting skills and confidence.

With this approach, we nurture a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere that pushes each actor towards achieving their highest potential.

Learn from the Best Faculty

Our faculty are seasoned pros who’ve lived the actor’s journey. 

Take Erin Cherry, for example—an Emmy Award winner who is the studio’s senior acting teacher, teaching cold reading and providing private coaching. She’s here to help students bring simplicity and depth to their work.

We also have Dariush Kashani, a Broadway veteran who leads our Professional Actor Business Program, He’s all about giving you the inside track on making it in film, television, and theater. 

These two, along with our Artistic Director and Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan and the rest of our esteemed faculty, embody a blend of award-winning talent and dedicated mentorship. 

Together, we offer students unparalleled insights and guidance toward achieving professional success.

Flexible Workshop Schedule for Aspiring Actors

We acknowledge the unique schedules and commitments of our students. This is why we provide a range of training options to accommodate both part-time learners, like working professionals with additional responsibilities, and those pursuing a deep dive into acting on a full-time basis. 

Our curriculum is meticulously planned, aiming to deliver a thorough and enriching educational experience that caters to the diverse needs of our students. 

From acting classes and summer programs to workshops, we ensure that every aspiring actor, balancing work, school, or other professional pursuits, can access a comprehensive training experience tailored to their goals.

Broad Spectrum of Acting Programs and Workshops

We’ve tailored our acting programs and workshops to fit every kind of actor out there, from those starting out to seasoned pros looking to polish their skills. 

Our lineup includes everything from the basics of acting classes to in-depth summer programs, scene work, and specialized workshops on camera techniques, voice, movement, and even audition preparation.

No matter where you’re at in your acting journey or what part of the industry you’re aiming to conquer—be it film, theater, or even branching out into writing, directing, and producing—we’ve got something just for you. 

Our approach combines hands-on practical experience with a solid foundation in theory, setting you up with the know-how and confidence to make your mark in the competitive world of professional acting.

Real-World Opportunities and Networking

Besides refining your craft, we also provide a gateway into the industry by creating platforms for students to connect with influential figures in film, television, and theater, such as agents, casting directors, and producers. 

This approach ensures our actors are equipped with top-tier acting skills and also gain visibility and forge connections that can lead to auditions and professional success.

Supportive Community for Growth and Collaboration

We’re a tight-knit group of passionate individuals who support and inspire one another. This sense of belonging is crucial in the unpredictable world of acting. 

Our students form lasting bonds, collaborating on projects both within and outside the classroom, sharing experiences, and growing together. 

This community extends beyond current students to include our successful alumni, who often return to share their insights and experiences, further enriching the learning environment. 

It is this collaborative atmosphere that enhances the educational experience and fosters a network ready to support each other in their artistic endeavors and careers. 

Our Acting Workshops and Classes

Movement training with Sara Fay George.

Here at our studio, every student can find an acting class or workshop that resonates with their acting goals and career aspirations. 

With a curriculum designed to refine the craft of acting and develop the whole artist, students here are trained to face the multifaceted challenges of the industry.

Core Acting Classes and Scene Study

Our scene study and core acting classes are designed to immerse students in the art of character development and script analysis. These empower actors to infuse their performances with authenticity and emotional depth. 

By engaging in comprehensive scene study, our students master the craft of creating complex, nuanced characters that deeply connect with audiences. 

Guided by our seasoned faculty, students work on refining their skills in a supportive environment that emphasizes the development of a genuine, compelling on-stage and on-camera presence.

Voice and Movement Training

Our voice and speech workshops are meticulously designed to hone clarity, resonance, and expressiveness, all of which are essential attributes for any actor striving to become a transformational artist.

By emphasizing voice development, accent reduction, and the fundamentals of vocal resonance and clear diction, these classes equip our students with the ability to expand their vocal range for various roles, ensuring their performances are both powerful and nuanced.

Similarly, our movement classes complement our vocal training classes by enhancing physical agility and expressiveness. This allows actors to fully embody their characters with authenticity and depth. 

Through a combination of dance, physical exercises, and specialized movement techniques, actors develop a greater awareness of their body language and how to use it effectively on stage and on camera. 

On-Camera Technique Workshops

Emphasizing the technical nuances of on-screen performance, our on-camera technique classes are expertly crafted for those eager to excel in film and television. 

Students dive into mastering framing, continuity, eye-line, and the subtleties of acting before the camera under the guidance of seasoned professionals. 

This program is designed to bolster actors’ screen presence and confidence, providing them with the tools to deliver impactful performances and navigate the unique challenges of the medium.

Specialized Workshops for Comprehensive Training

To ensure actors receive a holistic education, our curriculum includes specialized workshops.

Our audition technique classes equip actors with the skills necessary to excel in auditions, focusing on cold reading, selecting the right monologue, and mastering callback preparation. 

On top of that, our film history class immerses students in the evolution of cinema, enhancing their understanding of their craft in a broader context. 

This comprehensive training approach guarantees that our actors are not just technically skilled but also deeply knowledgeable about the history and business aspects of acting, preparing them for a successful career in the industry.

Secure Your Spot in NYC’s Top Acting Workshops

Stepping into the world of acting can feel like going through a maze. You’re trying to nail auditions, perfect your on-camera presence, and figure out where you fit in this industry. It’s a lot to take, but this is where we come in. 

Maggie Flanigan Studio isn’t your typical acting school. It’s a place where we tackle these challenges head-on. 

Our workshops are crafted with you in mind, offering everything from character development to mastering those tricky on-camera techniques that can make or break an audition or performance. 

Ready to take your acting to the next level with us? Give us a call today and ask about our upcoming classes. You’ve got the passion, we’ve got the expertise—let’s turn those acting dreams into reality.


At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, our goal is to develop actors into first-rate artists, much like how Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone, Edward Norton, and Piper Perabo have carved their niches in the acting world. 

Mastering the script and perfecting stage presence is just the beginning. Our workshops dig deep into the art of acting, enabling you to connect deeply with your roles and deliver performances that resonate.

Beginning with the renowned Meisner Technique, we offer a transformative experience for actors at every level, from novices to seasoned professionals. 

Our faculty comprises award-winning talents, and our curriculum spans from foundational acting techniques to specialized workshops in voice, movement, and on-camera skills, ensuring a comprehensive training environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into acting in NYC?

To get into acting in NYC, start by enrolling in reputable acting classes or workshops at renowned schools like the Maggie Flanigan Studio. 

Networking is crucial, so attend industry events, join acting groups, and connect with fellow actors and professionals. Participating in local theater productions and attending auditions regularly can also open doors and provide valuable experience.

You’ll also want to know everything you can about the art form and the business. Getting well-trained, securing great headshots, creating a professional website, and producing a well-edited demo reel are the bare essentials when considering a professional acting career.

Is NYC a good place for acting?

NYC is an excellent place for acting, renowned for its vibrant theater scene, prestigious acting schools, and numerous opportunities in film and television. 

The city’s rich cultural landscape offers actors a chance to engage with diverse and challenging roles, making it a hub for those seeking to develop their craft and pursue a career in acting.

Is LA or NYC better for acting?

Whether LA or NYC is better for acting depends on your career goals. 

LA is the heart of the film and television industry, offering extensive opportunities for on-camera work. NYC, on the other hand, is known for its thriving theater scene, prestigious acting programs, and opportunities in both theater and film. 

Since the pandemic, however, the majority of film and television auditions are self-tapes. So where you live depends on your personal tastes and comfort. 

NYC has long established itself as the home for the best acting training in the world, so if you are interested in serious training, NYC is the best place to start.

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