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Taking Risks and Being Vulnerable

The best acting programs New York and acting classes at the Maggie Flanigan Studio train committed actors using the technique that was developed by Sanford Meisner. Jared Garzia in enrolled in the two year program. Here he talks with Katie about the first year in the acting program and how he understands now what true training means for an actor.

Best Acting Programs New York - Jared Garzia - (917) 794-3878

Best Acting Programs New York NY – Jared Garzia Interview – Call (917) 794-3878

Jared Garzia Interview – Best Acting Programs New York – Maggie Flanigan Studio

Q: Jared, what did you think it meant to train as an actor before you started the two year acting program at Maggie Flanigan studio?

A: Where do I begin? What I think is it was not as extensive and as elaborate as to when I exited the program after the first year. My perspective has changed completely. You watch films and these great actors they do fantastic work, and you think man, it looks so easy I can do it, and then you start to put in the work and see what it takes to get to that point, and it changes everything, your outlook on it. Before this school I didn’t– I had no clue of what I was signing myself up for and how much work it takes to be an outstanding actor.

Q: What happened during the first year that changed your perspective on acting training?

A: Just the guidance. With the whole staff and everybody affiliated with Maggie Flanigan is just always on point and always willing to help and ready to push you further than you even think that you can go. I can attest and appreciate how they push you and how they get you out of your shell. That to me was the biggest thing, the atmosphere and being in that school atmosphere again really getting your blood boiling to want to accomplish more and get better as an actor as you move forward.


From the moment I sat down with Charlie, I knew this was the right fit. Charlie has challenged me like few people have to push myself and to become a better me. He has made me kick laziness and procrastination to the side. I am excited to see where this goes.

Jared GarziaActing Programs, First Year Acting Program

Q: How would you describe the community of students here at Maggie Flanigan studio and what that adds to the experience?

A: I think it is the whole experience. Acting is, other than one man show if you’re not willing to do it by yourself very often. It takes that community to make it what it is really. As I said, I hadn’t been in a school setting in a very long time, so this to me was very nice to be a part of that community again and on a daily basis be around other people who are as driven as you or more driven or equally as talented or much more talented. That’s all perspective, but it challenges you and pushes you on a daily basis to like I said want to be a better actor and put more effort into this craft.

Q: What did you learn about yourself over the course of this first year that changed you?

A: It was a surprise that I could be a lot more vulnerable than I previously thought I could. Maybe not from a man’s perspective but being vulnerable how I grew up was very difficult, hard to express yourself. I’ve always held a lot of things in and didn’t put them out there. What this taught me was not to be afraid to be vulnerable and put yourself out there and to make choices and make risky decisions even though you don’t know how the outcome is going to come or be.

That was big for me opening that up and exploring who I was. I could say right now who I was ten months ago, 11 months ago to who I am today is could be entirely a different person when you look back. I’m excited for the growth that I’ve already seen in a single year, and I’m excited to see how much I could indeed grow going forward.

Q: How would you describe this first year with Charlie as your teacher?

A: There’s an expression that I always love which is when the student is ready the teacher reveals himself, and in this case, it couldn’t be more exact. Charlie has been a blessing in my life. It takes a particular person to get under my skin and push me to be a better me. He’s genuinely brought that out of me. He’s made me kick laziness and procrastination to the side which is significant faults of mine and crutches, and I’m excited like I said to see how our relationship and the teacher-student relationship will grow going into the second year, and I’m excited to see where that goes.

Q: Did you ever commit to an actor training program before you came to the studio?

A: Nothing to the extent of Maggie Flanigan and the quality of this school. I’ve done some one on one coaching and smaller classes with other techniques. It was a part of my life that I wasn’t as dedicated to the craft as I am today, currently. Just growing up in South Florida, there was a lot of destructions that I prioritized over my dreams and my career. I’ve reached a point in my life where I feel like the right thing has fallen into my lap and now I’m ready and willing to run with it. Yes, the classes that I took before, it gave me a little light on the subject of acting, but nothing has put the right perspective of the work and everything that you need to put into it as Maggie Flanigan has with the studio.

The Best Acting Programs New York - Jared Garzia First Year Student Interview

The Best Acting Programs New York – Jared Garzia First Year Student Interview

Q: When you came up to New York and you were looking for acting classes, what drew you to studying Meisner technique at Maggie Flanigan Studio?

A: In the truth, apparently just being around the field I’ve heard about the Meisner method and all these different techniques. In reality, like everything in my life, it was spontaneous and fly by the seat. On how I ended up here, just helped a friend film a self-tape in Brooklyn and afterward, we sat down and talked about acting, and he told me I need to prioritize my life and put my education and my craft first. He mentioned a few other schools the Juilliards, who doesn’t want to go there? We all can’t afford that. Maggie Flanigan seemed like the right fit. What attracted me to Maggie Flanigan was the intimacy of the number of students that are here.

I’ve been in classes, not acting, but other ones that there are too many kids in the class, too many people. You don’t get that one-on-one personal touch that you desire, that you need that’s going to further you in that craft and in that career. I liked the fact that they’re very selective with their process of who they brought onto their school and made sure they were the right fit. From the moment I sat down with Charlie, I knew this was the right fit even before he allowed me in, just by the end of it hoping he would allow me the opportunity and he did, and I haven’t looked back since.

Q: What would you say to someone who was thinking about being an actor but felt like they didn’t have the time or money to train? Why would you tell them that Maggie Flanigan Studio is the place for them to study?

A: Everybody’s life is different. I’ve always felt the excuse for not having enough time, not having enough money, being a broke artist is just falling into the trap of being a 95% or not being in the 5% or the 1% that chases their dreams and goes after it. The biggest advice I would say is you have to want it, and you’ve got to want more than anything else. When you do you’ll know, you know you’re in the right place because you’re going to be putting in the effort and you’re going to be enjoying the work that other people are dreading. You wake up on two hours of sleep not worried about it because you’re ready to go because that gives you that natural high to want to keep going and moving forward. With Maggie Flanigan, it was the right fit. I felt like this program has aided me over the last year and I think it’s going to continue to help me going forward even beyond next year.

These are students in the best acting programs New York at the Maggie Flanigan Studio. Jared talks with Katie about his first year in teh two year acting program.

Best Acting Programs New York – Maggie Flanigan Studio – Call (917) 794-3878

The Best Acting Programs for Meisner Training in New York

Learn more about the Meisner training and acting programs at the Maggie Flanigan Studio by visiting the studio website acting programs page ( ). Students who want to schedule an interview but have questions should call the studio directly at (917) 794-3878.

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