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Serious Summer Acting Programs NYC to Elevate your Craft


Are you an aspiring actor aiming to sharpen your abilities and immerse yourself in professional actor training this summer? New York City offers an array of specialized summer acting courses developed to equip actors with the valuable training necessary for success.

These summer acting intensives in NYC are suitable no matter if you’re graduating from high school, currently pursuing  a BA or BFA university degree, or living abroad and looking to come to NYC for the summer, there is something offered within NYC’s selection of performance-based learning opportunities!

Short summary

  • Explore top-tier summer acting programs in NYC.
  • Intensive courses available for experienced or inexperienced actors to hone their craft.
  • Maggie Flanigan Studio offers part/full-time programs with electives & additional training options.

Top Summer Acting Programs in NYC

Young actor rehearsing a scene

New York City, the heart of theater and acting, is the proud home of the Maggie Flanigan Studio. Recognized for its rigorous Meisner Technique training, our studio has alumni who’ve shined in productions like “In the Heights,” “Manifest,” “Ray Donovan,” and “Yellowstone.”

Our summer acting courses are meticulously designed to provide actors with a concentrated dose of serious professional actor training. We are dedicated to ensuring that students achieve something substantial during their six-weeks with us. Whether you’re a seasoned actor looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to dive into the art of acting, our six-week summer acting intensive can start you on the right path. 

Summer Conservatory

Our NYC Summer Acting Program is a comprehensive training ground for those passionate about acting. The 2024 Six-Week Meisner Summer Intensive begins June 17th, and is an opportunity for actors to experience the beginning of the Meisner Technique in a conservatory setting. The six-week professional acting program  immerses students in the beginning of the Meisner Technique. The summer conservatory also includes:

  • Movement 1 & Voice 1 – Fundamental courses that train the actors vocal and physical instrument.
  • On-Camera & PlaywritingSpecialized courses to refine on-screen acting and writing skills.
  • Combat for Stage & Film – Techniques for hand to hand and weapons combat.
  • FIlm History – A deep dive into the history of the films and filmmakers that have shaped the course of storytelling over the past 100 years.

Meisner Acting Only

For those specifically interested in the Meisner Technique, our summer Meisner Acting Only course is the heart and soul of the Maggie Flanigan Studio. The six-week Meisner Intensive is the first 18 classes of first year in six weeks. 

The class meets three days a week, and will culminate with scene work, taking the first month of the Meisner training, and applying it to text. For anyone curious about professional acting training, interested in the Meisner Technique, and looking for a studio that operates at the highest level, the summer acting intensive is a great place to begin.

Beyond summer: year-round programs

For actors keen on extending their training, Maggie Flanigan Studio offers comprehensive programs throughout the year. In fact, the First Year Meisner Acting Program closes acceptance on September 21st, so it would be best to call and schedule an interview right away since slots are limited.

Professional Actor Training Program (PATP)

The PATP is enrollment into the full conservatory. A two-year program covering a wide range of subjects from Acting, Movement, Voice, Film History,Theater History, Script Analysis, Stage & Film Combat, and Cold Reading. It leads to the optional third year of the Professional Actor Business Program.

Core program

The Core Program includes enrollment in Acting, Movement, Voice, Theater History and Script Analysis.

Meisner Acting Only

Enrollment in the Meisner Technique with Artistic Director and Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan. Maggie Flanigan Studio is committed to providing actors with the tools, techniques, and knowledge they need to succeed. If you’re serious about your craft, our faculty is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Acting Studio Highlights

Actors acting out a scene

Acting studios in NYC have established a reputation for offering classes and workshops that focus on the fundamentals of stage performance. Students can explore diverse facets of theater including scene study, script analysis, theater history, film history, cold reading, as well as learning to execute stage and film combat moves. This kind of conservatory acting training enables actors to gain an extensive understanding and appreciation for their craft while expanding their dramatic range..

Classes provide aspiring performers with the craft and technique necessary to pursue a professional acting career. The standards and reputation of the Maggie Flanigan Studio is rooted in the belief that acting is an art form, and that the best actors possess work-ethic, discipline, and artistry.

Scene study and script analysis

Summer acting classes in NYC, especially at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, place a significant emphasis on scenes. In Second Year, we focus deeply on scene study and script analysis. Learning how to break down a script is an essential part of the actor’s process. Learning how to break a script down into beats, actions, and line intentions, along with the ability to justify text, create impulses and implant meaning is at the core of an actor’s job.

Script analysis is a meticulous process where actors dissect a script to understand its underlying themes, psychology of character, and the circumstances, issues, and relationships that are the key to unlocking a part. Really good actors are detectives. 

The script has all the clues, and the ability to find them, and use them in the creative process is what serious actors can accomplish. The playwright or screenwriter has imagined the behavior, and has given us the words on the page. An actor must breath life into those words and create the spontaneous illusion of life.

These skills are essential for actors who wish to consistently create vivid, organic, fully realized human behavior.. At Maggie Flanigan Studio, the emphasis on the full progression of the Meisner Technique along with the available auxiliary classes provide the student with craft and technique, a way of working that will allow them to compete with the actors graduating from the top MFA and BFA programs in the United States. 

The first step towards being taken seriously by others, is to take yourself seriously first. There is a big difference between someone who likes acting, and someone who wants to seriously pursue a professional career. It starts with exceptional training, along with the willingness to play full out with yourself and never settling for your second best.

Summer Sessions: Variety and Flexibility

Actors in a summer session of an acting school

In NYC, summer acting programs should demand the same rigorous standards as the two-year professional acting conservatory. Choosing an NYC acting studio and excellent teachers is a big decision. Many actors waste thousands of dollars on classes that leave actors just as confused as when they started. A really good summer acting class should begin to lay a solid foundation of craft and process, while also illuminating what it means to be a first rate actor.

Whether it’s an all-encompassing program designed to launch one’s career or just several courses taken  over the summer, there are several options when it comes to pursuing serious acting training.

Part-time and full-time options

Summer acting courses available in NYC come with the option of either part-time or full-time programs to suit individual financial needs and commitments. Those who have external obligations such as jobs, family duties, etc., may opt for a reduced course load that takes up fewer hours each week.

Alternatively, students who have the flexibility to experience what full conservatory actor training can be, have the option of pursuing the full summer acting program at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, enrolling in not just acting, but Voice, Movement, Combat, Playwriting, and Film History, and On-Camera Auditioning. 

Electives and additional training

Actors are able to enhance their summer acting experience in NYC with electives and additional classes. This includes an introduction to Voice and Movement training, along with classes in Film History, Playwriting, Self-Tape Auditioning, and Combat for Stage and Film.

It’s possible for actors who wish to explore new areas of interest beyond the core class curriculum to take these optional courses,  giving them an opportunity not only to broaden their skill set but also develop a greater understanding of the demands of pursuing a serious acting career.

Preparing for Your Summer Acting Experience

Before enrolling in a summer acting program, it’s important to be prepared. Usually, this includes getting ready for an audition but the requirements are different for each studio. 

While others begin their acting summer programs with an extensive audition, we prefer getting to know our applicants. Your acceptance into our program is based on an interview with our Artistic Director and Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan. Our reputation as one of the best acting studios in the United States is based on the desire to create a community of hard working creatives who love acting, are willing to operate outside of their comfort zone, and are committed to never settling for their second best. An audition monologue is not going to reveal that. Charlie is interested in getting to know you, finding out why you want to learn about this wonderful art form, and giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. The Maggie Flanigan Studio is not a factory. We do not have hundreds of students, and we are not going to throw you into a class with a frustrated actor who is pulling out notes from classes they took ten years ago. We believe in small class sizes in a nurturing, intimate, and safe space. Charlie is committed to the art of teaching, to maintaining the standards set by Maggie when she opened the studio in 2001, and to challenging each student to give up excuses and accept nothing less than their best effort. We believe that hard work is more important than talent. We believe that a solid work-ethic and a commitment to illuminating the human condition are the pillars of a successful creative life.

The Maggie Flanigan Studio: A Unique Approach to Acting

unique acting approach

The Maggie Flanigan Studio, a distinguished acting institution in NYC, offers a unique approach to summer acting programs. Our studio’s commitment to individual growth and personal artistry sets us apart in the vibrant theater scene of New York City.

Our approach to acting education goes beyond the traditional. We believe in the actor as artist. We believe in the transformative power of the Meisner Technique, but we also understand that each actor’s journey is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of programs tailored to meet the individual needs of our students, from summer intensive courses to year-round professional actor training programs. We strive to provide a learning experience that’s as comprehensive as possible and one that fosters growth in every aspect of an actor’s craft.

In our studio, you’re not just another actor. You’re an artist with a unique voice and a unique story to tell. Our faculty is dedicated to helping you discover and develop that voice. We provide personalized feedback, one-on-one coaching, and a supportive community of fellow artists.

At the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we’re not just teaching acting classes. We’re cultivating artists. Join us this summer and experience the difference these classes can make to your craft. You can reach out to us to learn more.


For the aspiring actor, the summer presents a unique opportunity to grow and advance their craft in New York City’s renowned theater scene. The Maggie Flanigan Studio’s summer acting conservatory provides the opportunity for actors to discover what NYC acting studios can truly be. Our approach to NYC summer acting programs is no different than the standards set in our two-year Meisner conservatory. The expectations are the same, and the work is just as intense. If you are an actor living abroad, a university student, or an actor living in NYC, the opportunity to do something substantial with your summer is within your reach. Is Meisner training right for me? Is this studio a good fit? Am I truly being taught and challenged? Do I really want to pursue a professional acting career? We guarantee that these questions will be answered. 

So roll the dice on yourself, and take a step towards pursuing your dreams! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Maggie Flanigan Studio apart from other acting schools in NYC?

Since 2001, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has established itself as the gold standard of acting schools in NYC. The  commitment to rigorous training, a supportive conservatory experience, and a dedication to the art of teaching, has separated the Maggie Flanigan Studio from all other NYC acting programs. Its commitment to accurately teaching and preserving the full progression of the Meisner Technique, led now by Artistic Director and Master Teacher Charlie Sandlan, has made the Maggie Flanigan Studio the most recommended NYC acting studio of the industry’s most important managers, agents and casting directors. 

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is not a factory, we are a selective, nurturing home for serious actors who want to be challenged. We are a studio for anyone who values work-ethic, discipline, and artistry. We are a studio for anyone interested in community, in building relationships with other artists passionate about acting and the illumination of the human condition.  

From audition technique, to acting, to voice and speech training,  students are guided by master teachers who are dedicated to preserving the integrity and craft of acting.

How does the Meisner Technique benefit aspiring actors?

The Meisner Technique benefits aspiring actors by providing a fool-proof and creative process for creating organic, fully realized human behavior. It emphasizes listening, responding, crafting, and emotional accessibility. It trains  actors to be fully present, out of their heads, in the moment, and on their spontaneous impulses.

This rigorous training helps actors to become more empathic, vulnerable, and emotionally fluid, enhancing their ability to deliver compelling performances.

Does Maggie Flanigan Studio offer programs for young actors?

Maggie Flanigan Studio offers a variety of programs suitable for actors of different experience levels. The intensive program and summer intensive classes provide opportunities for young (and old) actors to immerse themselves in acting techniques and receive rigorous training from master teachers. The training is deep and profound, and is open to anyone aged 18 or older.

How long are the summer acting programs at Maggie Flanigan Studio?

The summer acting programs at Maggie Flanigan Studio run for six-weeks from June through July every year, and are designed to provide an intensive training experience for students. The summer intensive classes offer a condensed yet comprehensive exploration of the Meisner Technique, allowing students to dive into the craft within a focused timeframe.

What additional training or electives does Maggie Flanigan Studio offer?

In addition to its core acting programs, Maggie Flanigan Studio offers additional training and electives to enhance the conservatory experience. These may include specialized courses in audition technique, stage & film combat, theater history, and script analysis. The studio’s commitment to rigorous training ensures that students receive a well-rounded education in the art of acting, allowing them to compete at the highest level of the business.

Please note that for detailed and specific information about the programs, it would be best to refer to the Maggie Flanigan Studio’s Acting Programs page.

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